How to create a game on pretend you re xyzzy

How do you share Xyzzy games?

How does one invite friends to play though? In order to get friends in a game, send them the url from the “create game” screen. Once the friends click the link, they will type up their nickname and will be placed into your game.

How do you use pretend you’re Xyzzy?

To play Cards Against Humanity online on Pretend Youre Xyzzy, first enter a nickname and an optional verification code. You can play online with strangers or with friends, create a game, set a score limit, player limit, and spectator limit and choose your expansion packs.

How do you set up cards against humanity game?

How do you add custom packs to pretend you’re Xyzzy?

How do you start Cards Against Humanity online?

The first option, which is probably the simplest, requires players to head to From there, scroll down and press “Cards Against Humanity,” then “Start Game,” and send that link to other players, who will join by pressing “Enter Game.” Once the game begins you’re entirely on your own.

What is Cardcast?

Cardcast allows you to create decks, download decks (including most of the official CAH decks), and all you need to play it are some friends, a Chromecast, and an Android device for each player. To get started, head to the Play Store and download the app. They also have a really great website.

Why did Cardcast get shut down?

Max Temkin, co-founder of Cards Against Humanity, has stepped down from the company amid accusations of a racist and sexist culture in the Chicago office.

Is Cardcast gone?

Unfortunately we needed to permanently close Cardcast. Hopefully we can share more details in the future. Thanks for playing.

How do you play Cardcast?


Players connect to a Chromecast or Android TV via an iOS or Android app installed on their smartphone, then play the game normally—each player submits a response to a randomly drawn question, and the card czar chooses the best or funniest response to award a point.