How to create a game in call of war mobile

How do you make a game in call of war?

To create a game, click the “Create” cross on the upper right. You can name your game and add a description. While the name is a must, the description is optional.

How do you create a coalition in call of war?

To create a coalition you just have to click on the “create a new coalition” button. Afterwards you can enter a name, description, and upload a coalition flag. Make sure the picture does not violate any rights and is not too big, otherwise you cannot upload it.

How do you add friends on call of war?

To add friends, you will need to venture into the game’s social menu, which can be found in the top right corner of the multiplayer screen. In the social menu, you will be able to find users on both your platform’s friend list and those from your Activision account.

Can we play code of war with friends?

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Can you play call of war with friends?

Your units move in real-time, and you can unlock over 120 different units in your massive development and research Tech Tree. Fight alongside your friends in private rounds, or prove yourself in open battle mode!