How to create a dropbox to share photos

Can I use Dropbox to share photos?

Dropbox makes it easy to upload, organize, and share your photos using cloud storage. You can share a link to your photos or send an email invitation via Dropbox. You can also create and share a custom folder for multiple files, a specific theme, or a select group of people.

How do I send photos with Dropbox?

Open up the Dropbox app on your phone and locate the photo of your choice. Click on the photo, and once it opens, click on the downwards arrow at the top-right of your screen :down_arrow: Tap on the “Share” option. If the person you’re sharing with has a Dropbox account, you can type in their email address + share.

How do I share photos in Dropbox without an account?

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can:
  1. Create a Dropbox account for free and then accept the invite.
  2. Ask the person who invited you to share a link to the folder, rather than adding you as a member.

How do I share multiple photos in Dropbox?

To select multiple files on
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click All files in the left sidebar.
  3. Hover over the first file you want to select.
  4. Click the checkmark that appears. Repeat this for all the files you want to select.
  5. Choose the action you’d like to take from the options above the file list.

What is the best way to share a lot of photos?

Set the Amazon Photos app (free, iOS and Android) to auto-save photos from your phone camera. You can share your unlimited photo storage with up to five other people in your Family Vault. You can also share links to your photos and albums with anyone, even if they’re not Prime members.

How do I share a photo album with someone?

To share with other people in a conversation:
  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Photos app .
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Select a photo, album, or video.
  4. Tap Share .
  5. Under “Send in Google Photos,” select people to share with. To share with one person, tap their name.
  6. To share, tap Send.

What is the best way to email a lot of photos?

The easiest way is to Zip the files together into one Zipped/compressed folder, which is easy to do in Windows 10.
  1. Open Windows Explorer to the folder or location where your photos are.
  2. Select all the thumbnails of the photos you want to send.
  3. Right Click on them and select Send to / Compressed (zipped) folder.

How can I share many photos?

Keep reading to learn more.
  1. 1. Facebook. Facebook has many faults, but it remains one of the best ways to share your photos.
  2. Cloud Storage Services. Another way to share photos online privately is to use a cloud storage service.
  3. Google Photos.
  4. Instant Messaging Apps.
  5. Flickr.
  6. AirDrop.
  7. WeTransfer.
  8. USB Memory Stick.

How do you share a lot of photos on iPhone?

Use Shared Albums on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  1. Go to the Albums tab and tap the Add button .
  2. Tap New Shared Album.
  3. Give the shared album a name, then tap Next.
  4. Choose people to invite from your contacts, or type an email address or iMessage phone number.
  5. Tap Create.

Why can’t I see shared album photos?

If you’re not sure know how to do this, follow these steps. Tap Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Turn off Shared Albums. The albums and photos will automatically be added again when you turn this setting back on.

Why do iCloud photos say waiting?

See if you’re on low power mode. Occasionally, an iCloud Photo link will work but it’ll hang when loading the actual images. Essentially, you’ll see an endless “waiting for photos” indicator at the bottom of the photo link. This can sometimes be the result of a network error or a slow internet connection.

How do I access a shared album on my iPhone?

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the Albums tab and scroll down until you see Shared Albums. If you don’t see the album you want right away, tap See All to view all shared albums.

Where is shared album invite?

When an album is shared with you, you’ll receive an invitation in your email. Click the Subscribe button in the message, and the Photos app loads the album into its Shared category. To view the album on the Mac, look in the left-hand sidebar in Shared > Shared Albums and select the album.

Why isn’t someone getting my shared album invite?

Make sure both your iPhone and the other member’s iPhone have iCloud Photo Sharing AND iCloud Photo Library turned on. Make sure you have the same settings set up on your Mac/iPad if you use any.

How do I create a shared album?

How to create a Shared Album
  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Tap the blue plus sign in the top-left corner. All your Shared Albums will stay grouped together, apart from other Albums.
  3. Tap “New Shared Album.”
  4. Name the album, and tap “Next.”
  5. Invite the people you want to share the album with.
  6. Tap “Create.”

How do I share an album from my iPhone?

Sharing Songs and Albums on Your iOS Device
  1. Launch the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Find the song or album that you want to share.
  3. Tap the ellipsis (three dots) button to bring up the action menu.
  4. Tap Share Song/Album to bring up the Share Sheet and see your sharing options.

Can I share iCloud photos with non Apple users?

Google photos app works similar to iCloud in terms of sharing photos from Mac or iOS to Windows and Android devices. Click on the Share option and enter the name, phone number, or email address of nonapple users to whom you want to publicly share the photos/ photo album.

How do I download a shared photo album?

Click on the shared album you want to open. Select the images you want to download, then go to File > Export > Export Photos. Check the export settings, then click Export. Select the folder you want to export the photos to, e.g. Pictures.