How to create a cheese and fruit platter

What goes on a fruit and cheese platter?

What to Include on a Fruit and Cheese Board:
  1. HONEY. This a must.
  2. DARK CHOCOLATE. A little bit of dark chocolate goes a long way.
  4. OLIVES.

How do you make a good cheese platter?

How to make a cheese plate step-by-step!
  1. Start with the big items: bowls and cheese.
  2. Add meats, bread, and crackers.
  3. Fill in big spaces with fruit and nuts.
  4. Add some olives and fill any small bowls.
  5. Tuck some greenery into any space that’s still empty.

What do you put on a cheese platter?

  1. 3–5 varieties of cheese, soft, semi firm, hard/aged.
  2. 1–2 varieties of cured meats, salami, prosciutto.
  3. 2–3 varieties of crackers (or crusty bread, baguette)
  4. Seasonal fruit or dried fruit.
  5. Nuts.
  6. Pickled or marinated items, such as mini pickles (cornichons) or olives.
  7. Optional: something sweet, such as jam or honey.

What do you put on a platter?

Tip 5 – What else should I include on my grazing board platter? Dips, relishes, fruit paste, fresh fruit or vegetable pieces, dried fruit, cured deli meats, olives etc. The possibilities are endless! A few things to keep in mind though

How do you make an amazing grazing platter?

How do you make a good food platter?

Start by spacing three cheeses across the board, then slowly build around them, filling in any gaps with crackers, lettuce cups and small snacky items such as nuts and fruit, and finishing with the brightest berries or flowers on top.

How do you make a cheap grazing platter?

Opt for oranges, apples, grapes and whatever is in season, as it will usually be cheaper. Crackers: thankfully, cheap crackers are easy to find. Pick up a box of crackers, some pretzels and / or breadsticks. Extras: dried fruit, nuts and olives can be used to scatter in any gaps that are appear.

What food do you put on a grazing table?

Food to include:
  • Shaved meats and cheeses.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Crackers, fresh breads and other dippable items.
  • Dips and spreads.
  • Olives and pickles.
  • Sweet treats (chocolate, mini pastries, tarts)

How do you stop a messy grazing table?

5 Tips to Avoid a Messy Grazing Table
  1. Organized Chaos is the Key. It’s easy to use your ‘space-fillers’, i.e: your pretzels, dried fruit or crackers to fill the spaces on your table with zero organisation.
  2. Color and Texture.
  3. Height and Platters.
  4. Sweet and Salty.
  5. There is such a thing as too much.
  6. Bonus Grazing tip:

How much does a grazing table cost?

Grazing Tables:

Full Grazing Table: $1,500+ Minimum 100 guests. Final price is dependent on headcount, variety of food requested, floral request and equipment used. Boards, small serving bowls and serving utensils can be included with additional charge.

How do you keep food cold in a grazing table?

A good idea for grazing tables in summer is to have a few ice packs around the table to keep everything cold for a little while longer.

How much does a grazing table cost per head?

We quote our grazing tables on $29-$40 per person basis for all listed inclusions – minimum of 30 people required.