How do you spell certain how do you spell certain?

What you mean by certain?

: not having any doubt about something : convinced or sure. —used with it to say that something is known to be true or correct. —used to say that something will definitely happen or that someone will definitely do something —often followed by to + verb. certain. pronoun.

What kind of word is certain?

As detailed above, ‘certain’ can be a determiner or an adjective. Determiner usage: Certain people are good at playing (contract) bridge. Adjective usage: I was certain of my decision.

Why do we use certain?

You use certain to indicate that you are referring to one particular thing, person, or group, although you are not saying exactly which it is. There will be certain people who’ll say ‘I told you so!’ You owe a certain person a sum of money.

What is the adverb for certain?

In a way which is certain; with certainty. Without doubt, surely.

What is the verb form of certain?

certained is the correct answer.

What certain person means?

6. The definition of certain is being absolutely sure of something, or something you are confident about, or to identify someone (“that certain person”) who isn’t explicitly named.

What is the noun of certain?

certainty. The state of being certain. An instance of being certain. A fact or truth unquestionably established.

Can the word certain be used as a verb?

To find out definitely; to discover or establish. (archaic) To make (someone) certain or confident.

What is the meaning of know for certain?

phrase. If you know something for certain, you have no doubt at all about it. She couldn’t know what time he’d go, or even for certain that he’d go at all. Hill had to find out for certain.

Is certain plural or singular?

The noun certain is plural only. The plural form of certain is also certain.

What does not certain mean?

1 adj If you are certain about something, you firmly believe it is true and have no doubt about it. If you are not certain about something, you do not have definite knowledge about it. … 3 adj If you say that something is certain , you firmly believe that it is true, or have definite knowledge about it.

What are synonyms for certain?

Some common synonyms of certain are cocksure, positive, and sure. While all these words mean “having no doubt or uncertainty,” certain may apply to a basing of a conclusion or conviction on definite grounds or indubitable evidence.

How do you use the word certain in a sentence?

Certainly Sentence Examples
  1. She certainly didn’t feel any different.
  2. Certainly she had been under a lot of stress.
  3. Certainly he wasn’t responsible for their safety.
  4. You must certainly come.
  5. That was certainly a surprising turn of events!

Is contest singular or plural?

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense contests, present participle contesting , past tense, past participle contested pronunciation note: The noun is pronounced (kɒntest ). The verb is pronounced (kəntest ). A contest is a competition or game in which people try to win.

Is it water or are?

Re: All the water – is/ are? All the water is is correct. Water is uncountable, as a result the verb BE should be third person singular in this case. All the wines are is fine, because in this case you’re using wines meaning all types of wines: i.e.