What does molly mean

What does the name Molly mean?

: the illicit medicine ecstasy especially when in a powdered or crystalline form contained in a capsule Experts say Molly, though often touted as pure, is often mixed with other drugs and ingredients, perhaps even more than the Ecstasy of yesteryear.—

What is a Molly girl?

molly (countable and uncountable, plural mollies) (now chiefly Ireland) A woman or girl, especially of low status. (slang) An effeminate male, a male homosexual.

What does Molly mean in the Bible?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Molly is: Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter.

Does Molly mean beloved?

The meaning of Molly is ‘sea of bitterness’, ‘star of the sea’, ‘rebellion’. It is an English name used for girls. It is derived from the Ancient Greek names ‘Mariam’ and ‘María, meaning “bitterness, beloved, wished for child‘, hence the Hebrew name ‘Maryam/Miryam’, Anglicized to ‘Mary’.

What is Molly a nickname?

Molly (also spelled Molli or Mollie) is a diminutive of the Hebrew feminine name Mary. It may less commonly be used as a diminutive for popular feminine names that begin with M, such as Margaret, Martha, Martina or Melinda. It most commonly means “sea of bitterness”, “star of the sea”, or “rebelliousness/rebellion”.

What is a Molly British slang?

Molly houses

In 18th century London a ‘molly house’ was a coffeehouse, inn, or tavern at which men could meet in secret to socialise and have relationship. ‘Molly’ or ‘moll’ was a slang term for a gay man, and for a lower class woman, or a woman selling relationship.

Why does Molly mean bitter?

The name Molly is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “bitter“. Molly originated as a diminutive of Mary, spawning from medieval variations Malle and Molle.

What does Molly mean in Irish?

star of the sea
Origin:Irish. Popularity:410. Meaning:star of the sea.

Where did the nickname Molly come from?

Molly is short for “molecular.” It was given this nickname because this ecstasy comes in power or crystallized form, not in traditional pill form. Molly can be purchased in capsule form or in a baggie, and it can be swallowed or snorted.

Does Molly mean Star of the Sea?

It is of Irish and Latin origin, and the meaning of Molly is “star of the sea”. Pet form of Mary. In use since the late Middle Ages. In the past, “moll” had meant a prostitue or a gangster’s girlfriend.

What is a Molly person?

Down on the beach, “molly” is an insult bandied about by schoolchildren, and refers to those kids who, for reasons of sartorial self-neglect or simple, contemptible poverty, look as if their mothers have dressed them.

What year was the name Molly most popular?

It really wasn’t until the 1980s when the name finally took off in popularity (she landed a position on America’s Top 100 list for the first time ever in 1987).

Is Molly a name in the Bible?

Origin of Molly

Molly is a diminutive of the biblical name Mary.