What does contextualize mean

What does it mean to contextualize something?

Definition of contextualize

transitive verb. : to place (something, such as a word or activity) in a context When the rebellion is historically contextualized, it becomes clear that there were many factors that contributed to it. Other Words from contextualize More Example Sentences Learn More About contextualize.

What does it mean to contextualize in writing?

When students contextualize, they are situating ideas, arguments, or practices in a larger context (e.g., a historical context, a critical context, a cultural context) in order to call their audience’s attention to that context.

What does it mean to contextualize a topic?

Contextualizing in an essay simple means placing a statement, idea or event within its larger setting or background to enable it to acquire its true or ideal and full meaning. The relevance or importance of contextualizing in an essay is to aid in comprehension or interpretation.

What is another word for contextualize?

What is another word for contextualize?
inspect investigate
scrutinizeUS appraise
audit consider
delve examine
explore enquireUK

What are examples of contextualization?

The definition of contextualize means to analyze a word or event in terms of the words or concepts surrounding it. An example of contextualize is to keep feminist perspectives in mind when reading a novel written during the women’s civil rights movement.

How do you contextualise?

How to Contextualise. Contextualisation is achieved by including, modifying or substituting text within units of competency and usually within the range statement or evidence guide. It is about providing training and assessment that is specific to an enterprise or individual learner.

Why do we contextualize?

Contextualization is defined as employing the items of the language in a meaningful and relevant context. This helps the learners to acquire new skills and knowledge. It also develops their abilities and attitudes. Learners should be motivated to learn and to take part in the learning process.

What is the opposite of contextualized?

We have listed all the opposite words for contextualize alphabetically. isolate. abstract. block off. close off.

What should you do when you contextualize sources?

What should you do when you contextualize sources? Determine when and where the document was created. Determine which document is more reliable. Determine the language(words, phrases, images, symbols) that is used in the document.