What does bionic mean

What does it mean if you are bionic?

(baɪɒnɪk ) adjective [usu ADJ n] In science fiction books or films, a bionic person is someone who has special powers, such as being exceptionally strong or having exceptionally good sight, because parts of their body have been replaced by electronic machinery.

What is bionic short for?

Acronym Definition
BIONIC Believe It or Not I Care
BIONIC Biological Electronic

What is an example of bionic?

Examples of bionics in engineering include the hulls of boats imitating the thick skin of dolphins; sonar, radar, and medical ultrasound imaging imitating animal echolocation. In the field of computer science, the study of bionics has produced artificial neurons, artificial neural networks, and swarm intelligence.

Does bionic mean living?

Relating to a living or life-like system enhanced by, or constructed from, electronic or mechanical components.

What is bionic real name?

Aaron Brown (born: June 8, 1994 (1994-06-08) [age 27]), better known online as BionicPIG, is an American YouTuber, comedian, and musician.

What does bionic mean Apple?

Apple’s branding for its multicore system-on-chip (SoC) starting with the A11 that debuted with the iPhone 8. The Bionic chip has four high-efficiency and two high-performance cores. To save battery life, the efficiency cores are used most of the time.

Is bionic American?

Danny (born: December 5, 2000 (2000-12-05) [age 20]), better known online as Bionic, is an American Minecraft YouTuber best known for his trolling and UHC videos.

What is Bionic Woman?

Definitions of bionic woman. a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices. synonyms: bionic man, cyborg. type of: machine. an efficient person.

What is bionic design?

Bionics is an interdisciplinary field which deals with structures, methods and processes found in biological systems. Bionic design provides design process with incorporating both form aspects and functional principles.

Is bionic kid friendly?

Common sense media, kids can listen to whatever they want!

A tween is close to being a teen!!! … Sure, this album may be vulgar, but that doesn’t mean a child can’t listen to it! Give bionic a chance!

Is bionic real?

Bionics is no longer the stuff of science fiction. For some amputees, the ability to carry out daily living activities depends on how efficiently and reliably they can bypass broken pathways between the brain and a prosthetic limb. Robust brain-machine interfaces can help restore mobility for these people.

Is bionic married?

She also has extraordinary strength in her bionic right arm and both legs, which enable her to run at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour.

Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman)
Jaime Sommers
Gender Female
Occupation Secret agent, schoolteacher, former professional tennis player
Spouse Steve Austin
Children Michael Austin (stepson)

What is BeckBroJack real name?

Jonathan Beck
Jonathan Beck, better known online as BeckBroJack, is an American YouTuber who mostly plays Minecraft. He is known for his family-friendly style and his showcasing of Minecraft mods.

Who is the oldest Minecraft YouTuber?

“Minecraft Multiplayer Fun” is a 2010 YouTube video, noted for being the oldest video available for viewing on the PewDiePie channel. The video was uploaded by Felix Kjellberg, the owner of the channel, on 2 October 2010.
Minecraft Multiplayer Fun
Languages Swedish, English

What is Preston Playz real name?

Preston Arsement, professionally known as YouTube’s “PrestonPlayz,” has refocused his gaming content to shift his brand back to what initially made him popular on the streaming platform — all while keeping his support staff employed.

Who is the most kid friendly YouTuber?

Top 13 Family Friendly YouTube Channels
YouTube Channel Subscriber Count Age Range
1. DanTDM 24.9 million Everyone
2. TechRax 7.38 million Everyone
3. Miranda Sings 10.9 million 8+
4. React 20.1 million Everyone
Apr 1, 2021

Who is the youngest famous YouTuber?

If you have been wondering who is the top-earning YouTube, it is probably not the one that came across your mind. But it is a nine-year-old kid named Ryan Kaji. Kaji has managed to top the list of YouTubers who have managed to earn the highest in the year 2020 through the video streaming service.

Who is the most famous Roblox YouTuber?

1 Youtuber May 2021
2 Pozzi 10,900,000
3 Lyna 10,100,000
4 Denis 9,170,000

Who are the most subscribed to YouTubers?

Most-subscribed channels
Rank Channel Subscribers (millions)
1 T-Series 197
2 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 121
3 SET India 118
4 PewDiePie 110

What is the appropriate age to start a YouTube channel?

YouTube doesn’t allow children under the age of 13 to create their own channels or accounts, and children between ages 13 and 17 are only allowed to open them with parental permission.

Is Rosanna Pansino child friendly?

Rosanna Pansino

The difference between this channel and a regular old cooking show is that Pansino does it all on kid-level. … She even takes kids’ requests for things to bake. It’s no wonder she has more than 10 million subscribers.

Who is the least subscribed person on YouTube?

Who has the least subscribers on YouTube?
  • Schrack Technik Romania – the Romanian subsidiary of an electrical equipment company Schrack hosting brand videos.
  • Zyxter – a new gaming channel starting out.