How to use g pen connect

Why is my G pen connect not hitting?

How does AG pen connect work?

Powered by a ceramic heating element and featuring patented reverse airflow technology, the G Pen Connect vaporizes concentrates evenly and efficiently, and pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver smooth and powerful draws. …

How do you use the G pen tool?

How long does it take for the G Pen connect to charge?

1-3 hours
The G Pen Pro Vaporizer will only need 1-3 hours maximum to complete a full charge cycle.

Is the G Pen connect worth it?

The G Pen Connect is not bad by any means, but for people obsessed with performance and flavor, the G Pen Connect leaves a little to be desired. We love the innovative design and see a lot of potential in the future, maybe a G Pen Connect V2 with upgraded atomizer and temperature selection will come out!

How do I open my G pen?

To open the G Pen Pro chamber, pop off the mouthpiece by pinching it and pulling upwards and slightly to the side. No unscrewing necessary. (A 100% medical grade ceramic chamber delivers smooth hits.)

How long does the G Pen connect battery last?

On a full charge, the battery can power a minimum of 12 activations, or 48 minutes of heating time.

How hot does the G Pen connect get?

Featuring a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber with three temperature settings (375F/190C, 401F/205C, and 428F/220C), the G Pen. Combined with a clean air source and integrated air path, experience unsurpassed flavor and vapor production from your favorite strains.

How do I know if my G pen is charged?

How do I know when my G Pen Gio Battery is fully charged? Once the G Pen Gio Battery is approaching a full charge, the “G” light on the front of the unit will begin flashing. The unit is fully charged once the flashing ends, and the light turns off.

How often should you clean Ag pen?

This may sound like a huge hassle, but the more frequently one cleans their hardware, the less effort they have to put into each cleaning. However, we recognize that this can be very tedious, and so we’d say that it’s best to clean your entire setup at least once a week if possible – especially if you use it daily.