How to see my airpods battery

Why can’t I see my AirPods battery?

The Batteries Widget can be added to the Today View on iOS. Swipe from left to right on the home screen or lock screen, then tap Edit at the bottom. Find Batteries and tap the green “+” button to add the widget. When the AirPods are in use, the current battery level will be shown in the Batteries widget.

How do I get the battery widget on my iPhone?

Add a Batteries widget to your Home Screen
  1. Touch and hold the Home Screen background until the apps begin to jiggle.
  2. Tap. at the top of the screen, then scroll down and tap Batteries.
  3. Swipe left and right through the widgets to view the size options. …
  4. When you see the size you want, tap Add Widget, then tap Done.

How do you check battery on AirPods 2020?

Launch the Google Play Store and search for “AirBattery” developed by Georg Friedrich, or just go here. Install the app on your Android device. Once installed open the lid of your connected AirPods’ charging case. This will show a popup on your device, revealing the battery levels of each AirPods and the battery case.

How do I get a battery widget?

On the Search Widgets screen, scroll down to Batteries or type it into the search tool. On the Batteries screen, swipe to see the different battery widgets available. Once you find your preferred battery widget, tap on Add Widget. Tap Done.

Can I see Apple watch battery on iPhone?

You can check your Apple Watch battery’s charge level in several places: … On your iPhone, you can add a battery widget to show any connected Apple Watch. When your Apple Watch is charging in Nightstand mode, tap the charging button to check the battery percentage.

How do I read my iPhone battery chart?

To see an overview of your battery level and activity for the last 24 hours and up to the last 10 days, go to Settings > Battery. When you tap one of the columns on your screen, you can see which apps contributed to your battery usage during that time period, and the proportion of battery used for the app.

How do I show my battery percentage?

Configure Battery Percentage.
  1. 1 Go to the Settings menu > Notifications.
  2. 2 Tap on Status Bar.
  3. 3 Toggle the switch to show battery percentage. You will be able to see the changes reflect on the Status bar.

How do you read Battery usage?

Settings > Battery > Usage details

Open Settings and tap on the Battery option. Next select Battery Usage and you’ll be given a breakdown of all the apps that are draining your power, with the most-hungry ones at the top. Some phones will tell you how long each app has been actively used – others won’t.

How can I see when my iPhone Battery was last charged?

How to examine your iPhone’s battery usage
  1. Go to iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Battery.
  3. After the loading is complete, you’ll see a breakdown of your battery level of the past 24 hours, what apps were in use, and which apps consume the most juice.

Why is my battery percentage not showing?

By default, Android devices do not show the remaining battery percentage on the status bar found at the top of the screen. … The battery percentage is shown by default on the status bar displayed in the Quick Settings. See the battery percentage in Quick Settings. This works great if you don’t use your device intensely.

Can iPhone show battery percentage on Xs?

On iPhone X and later, you can see the battery percentage in Control Center. … Just swipe down from the top-right corner of your display.

Why does the iPhone 11 not show battery percentage?

Apple decided to remove the battery indicator from the status bar because the notch, the camera cutout at the top of your iPhone’s display that looks like a deformed black hole, cannot allow room for any extras there.

Why is my iPhone not showing battery usage?

If you haven’t already, please force close the Settings app and restart your iPhone as iOS clears cached data and does other system optimizations when you turn your device off and on. If you’re still having this issue, your next step is to reinstall iOS on your device; this will help us isolate the situation further.

What is my battery life?

To have a look, visit Settings > Battery and tap the three-dot menu at the top-right. From the menu that appears, hit Battery usage. On the resulting screen, you’ll see a list of apps that have consumed the most battery on your device since its last full charge.

Why is battery icon greyed out?

It’s possible that the battery icon was simply disabled or never turned on in the first place. You can fix this issue by toggling the Power option to show up in your system tray. Right-click on an empty space in your taskbar, then select Taskbar settings. … You should be able to see the battery icon in your taskbar now.

What is using up my battery iPhone?

How to Check Your iPhone’s Battery Usage. … Open the Settings app and tap Battery. Swipe up to reveal your list of battery usage by app. You’ll see the apps you use and information about how much battery each is using, plus how much time the app spends running in the background.

How do I turn off battery usage on my iPhone?

Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhone uses when the battery gets low. To turn Low Power Mode on or off, go to Settings > Battery. You can also turn Low Power Mode on and off from Control Center.