How to take apart xbox 360 controller

What tool do I need to take apart an Xbox 360 controller?

If you want to open your wireless xbox 360 controller or your PS3 slim, then you need a tamper resistant screwdriver size T8 to remove the first screw.

How do you take apart a wired Xbox 360 controller?

Remove the bottom plate (where you connect a headset) by lifting it from the controller shell. Remove the top plate (where the two bumper buttons are located) by lifting it from the controller shell. Carefully remove the circuit board. The analog sticks can be removed by grabbing and pulling straight up.

How do you take apart an Xbox 360 controller without Torx?

How do you fix a broken Xbox 360 controller?

How do I clean my Xbox 360 controller joystick?

How do you remove Xbox 360 controller triggers?

Using your thumb and forefinger, push the left trigger toward the right side of the controller. Simultaneously push the trigger control arm in the opposite direction. The trigger has a peg that fits into a slot in the trigger arm. Be sure to push far enough so that the peg clears the slot.