How to gleek

What is the easiest way to Gleek?

How do you train yourself to Gleek?

You can teach yourself how to gleek on command by gathering enough saliva, flicking your tongue along the roof of your mouth, and jutting your jaw out. Although gleeking can be quite difficult, you can teach yourself how to gleek with enough practice!

Is it rare to Gleek on command?

Gleeking means involuntarily spitting saliva while talking, eating or even yawning. It is caused by excessive saliva excretions by the submandibular gland. And while a whopping 35% of humans can gleek, only 1% can do it on command.

What is gleeking used for?

If you went to a school that had a prankster or two, then odds are you know what gleeking is. Heck — you may have even done it without even meaning to. What we’re talking about here is an advanced form of spitting, one that allows you to essentially shoot saliva out from under your tongue (sometimes by accident).