How much is a signed babe ruth baseball card worth

How much is a autographed Babe Ruth card worth?

On Sunday, a rare 1933 Goudey #149 Ruth baseball card, which was signed by The Sultan of Swat himself, sold at auction via Wheatland Auctions for $761,100 – more than double the highest price ever reached for one of those cards.

How many signed Babe Ruth cards exist?

10 cards
Babe Ruth’s 1914 Baltimore News card has long been a coveted item among collectors not only for the point in Ruth’s career it represents, but also the sheer rarity of it: Fewer than 10 cards are known to be in existence, with the last one known to be sold having sold for $450,300 at an auction in 2013.

What Babe Ruth cards are worth money?

Value of Babe Ruth Goudey Cards
Card PSA 1 (PR) Value Total PSA Population
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #53 $1100-$1200 784
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #144 $800-$1000 1096
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #149 $900-$1100 816
1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #181 $700-$1000 937

How much is a 1933 Babe Ruth card worth?

Grade Most Recent Price Average Price
GOOD 2 $1,968.00 $12,492.86
FR 1.5 $1,968.00 $2,132.00
PR 1 $738.00 $5,150.83
Auth $4,250.00 $3,537.50

What is the most expensive autograph?

One of the most expensive autographs in the world belongs to the first president of the United States, George Washington: His signature, on his own copy of the Constitution, the First Congress, and the Bill of Rights is the most valuable autograph ever to be sold.

What is the rarest Babe Ruth baseball card?

Graded an SGC 3, the card is the rarest and most valuable Babe Ruth card in existence, and is considered his true Minor League rookie card. This is the second-highest graded example; with one being graded a 4.

How much is a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card worth?

The iconic 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card is one of the world’s most valuable cards. In fact, even in very rough condition, this card can command top dollar. In January of this year, a ’52 Topps Mantle graded PSA 9 was sold for 5.2 MILLION dollars!

How much is a Joe Dimaggio baseball card worth?

Joe DiMaggio #1
Date Price Type
10/20/2020 $572.40 Auction
10/13/2020 $1,151.00 Best Offer
8/17/2020 $870.00 Auction
8/14/2020 $1,700.00 Best Offer

How much is a 1933 Lou Gehrig baseball card?

The value of a 1933 Goudey Lou Gehrig card will depend on its condition and can range between $1,000 to well into the six figure range.

How much is Pete Rose rookie card worth?

Pete Rose Rookie Cards
Item Title ▼ Price
1963 Topps Baseball Pete Rose Rp Rookie Card #537 – Reprint – Not Original $9.99
1963 TOPPS PETE ROSE ROOKIE Card with a 1963-P or D Silver Dime – Dime Card $3.99
1963 Topps Pete Rose Rookie RC #537 Cincinnati Reds Baseball Card SGC 4.5 VG/EX+ $1895.00

How much is a Ken Griffey Jr rookie card worth?

rookie cards and is a good option around the $120 price point. As of May 2021, there are ~4,400 PSA 10 1989 Score Traded Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards and the card value is ~$136.

How much is a Roger Maris rookie card worth?

Roger Maris Rookie Cards
Item Title ▼ Price
1958 Topps Baseball #47 Roger Maris Rookie Card Fair $56.00
1958 Topps Baseball #47 Roger Maris Rookie Card fair/good $42.00

What is a Barry Bonds rookie card worth?

1987 Fleer Barry Bonds Rookie Card #604

Another iconic Barry Bonds rookie card is the 1987 Fleer #604. Similar to the Topps Traded set, these cards were massed produced. But, the average selling price for a Gem-Mint 10 is slightly higher at $100.

How much is Darryl Strawberry baseball card worth?

Darryl Strawberry Rookie Cards
Item Title ▼ Price
1984 Donruss Darryl Strawberry Vintage Baseball Rookie Card RC #68 Mets PSA 9 MT $49.00
1984 Donruss#68 Darryl Strawberry ROOKIE CARD New York Mets SUPER NICE $25.00
1984 Fleer Baseball Rookie Card Darryl Strawberry #599 $17.99

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

Shaquille O’Neal’s rookie value is very high, as evidenced by this list, and this card tops it at $3,499. This PSA 10 card is one of the 53 cards with that grade in the 382-card population. Of the 1,030 cards seen BGS, none are BGS 10 or Black Label.

How much is Kirby Puckett rookie card worth?

Kirby Puckett Rookie Cards
Item Title ▼ Price
Donruss 1985 Kirby Puckett #438 Rookie Card MINT $22.00
Kirby Puckett RARE 1985 Topps Rookie Card # 536 $29.99
Kirby Puckett Topps 1985 Rookie Card $25.00
Topps 1985 Kirby Puckett Rookie card #536 $19.99

What baseball card is the most valuable?

The Honus Wagner, 1909-1911 ATC T206, is the most expensive baseball card in the world.

How much is a 1990 Bo Jackson card worth?

Bo Jackson Baseball Trading Card Values
1986 Donruss Highlights #43 Bo Jackson $2.68
1990 Fleer #110 Bo Jackson $0.19
1990 Fleer Baseball All-Stars #20 Bo Jackson $1.84
1990 Fleer Baseball MVPs #21 Bo Jackson $0.47
1990 Fleer Canadian #110 Bo Jackson $0.34