How to say green in french

How do you say the color green in French?

How do you pronounce Verde in French?

Is Vert French for green?

vert → green, Green, sprightly, uncouth, acidulous, immature, untimely, verdant.

How do you say blue in French?

How do you say orange in French?

What is another name for the color green?

What is another word for green?
greenish aquamarine
beryl bice
chartreuse grass
jade khaki
lime olive

How do you say green in India?

What Colour is Brun in English?

brown; of a brown color.

What color represents Paris?

White is the traditional color of the House of Bourbon, who ruled in France from the late 16th Century until the French Revolution. On the flag, the color white represents the King. The red and blue in the flag represents the city of Paris.

What color is Clair?

light clair (clare) eg. light blue=bleu clair
dark foncé (fon-say) eg.dark blue=bleu foncé

Is marron a brown or brun?

Brun derives from the Proto-Germanic word for brown. In France, it is usually reserved to describe hair, skin, and pint. Marron is, in France, the more common word for brown. It comes from the color of chestnut, or marron in French.

Is there a difference between marron and brun?

brun‘ has a general meaning of ‘rather dark’, and implies that the substrate is naturally ‘brown’. . ‘marron’ generally applies to colours, dyes, paints etc., and often has a more specifically defined reddish shade (like chestnuts).

How do you say burn in French?

What are marron in English?

Word forms: marron, marronne. masculine noun. (= fruit) chestnut.

What is the feminine of Brun?

brun m (plural bruns, feminine brune) brown (the color) brown-haired person.

What is the plural of beau?

noun. \ ˈbō \ plural beaux\ ˈbōz \ or beaus.

What is the feminine of Blanc in French?

blanc (feminine singular blanche, masculine plural blancs, feminine plural blanches)

Is Beau feminine or masculine?

‘beautiful’ Masculine Feminine
(before consonant)
Singular beau belle
Plural beaux belles