How to get a food handlers permit

How much is a Utah food handlers permit?

The training course and permit fee is $25. A picture ID is required to take the course. The courses fill up quickly, so please call 801-525-5120 to reserve a seat.

What do I need to get a food handlers permit?

What are the requirements for obtaining a Permit?
  1. Properly completed Application Form.
  2. Two (2) passport sized photographs signed by a ‘Notary Public Official’
  3. Application Fee paid Food Handler’s Clinic attended Food Handler’s Test passed (given at end of Clinic)

How much is a Washington state food handlers card?

What does a card cost? A food worker card cost $10. Once you have a food worker card, we recommend that you keep the original and provide a copy to your employer.

How long does it take to get a food handlers card in Washington?

After successful completion of the course and examination, you will then be granted a food handlers certification by the course provider. All food workers in Washington have up to 14 days after official employment to obtain a food handlers card.

What are the food handlers test?

Food Handlers’ Test is a set of tests and medical examination that certifies workers handling food, drinks, confectioneries and medicines for medical fitness. Oversight is provided by a number of governmental agencies including NAFDAC and state Ministries of Health.