Where is toilet-bound Hanako-Kun available?

Watch Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How old should you be to read toilet-bound Hanako-kun?

Kamome Academy’s Hanako-san…is a boy! For readers ages 13 and up.

Is toilet-bound Hanako-Kun complete?

Kamome Academy is rumored to have many mysteries. Investigating one of them, young Nene ends up linked to the ghost of Hanako-kun.

Rating: TV-14
Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: February 16, 2021
Includes: 1-12
SubTitle: English

Is toilet bound Hanako Kun in crunchyroll?

Unfortunately, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun is not available on Crunchyroll. Considering they’re one of the prominent streaming platforms for anime, perhaps they’ll pick up the series sometime.

Is Hanako a boy or girl?

Hanako is a female Japanese given name. The name can have different meanings, one of them being 花子, meaning “flower girl.” It is often seen as an archetypal name for females.

How old is Hanako?

1 He Is Chronologically 50+ Years Old.

How old is Yashiro?

Shun Yashiro (八代駿, Yashiro Shun, born Motohiro Suzuki (鈴木 基弘, Suzuki Motohiro) (February 19, 1933 – June 25, 2003) was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Tsuyama, Okayama.
Shun Yashiro
Died June 25, 2003 (aged 70)
Other names Tetsuya Yashiro, Kazuo Yashiro
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Years active 1960–2003

What does the seal on Hanako’s cheek say?

The White Seal

In the aftermath of Kou’s fight with Hanako, he sealed Kou’s staff with a tag. The tag used to suppress the power of the staff was colored white, and it is the same color on Hanako’s tag. This means that the seal used to suppress Hanako’s tremendous power is the seal in his cheeks.

What’s Hanako’s real name?

Yugi Amane
Hanako (花子, Hanako?), whose real name is Yugi Amane (柚木普, Yugi Amane?), is the protagonist in the mangá and anime series Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. He is a ghost of a deceased student haunting the old building of Kamome Academy. He resides on the third floor female bathroom, in the toilet of the third stall.

Is Hanako-Kun a Yandere?

No, Hanako-kun is not a yandere, nor a tsundere. … Hanako doesn’t fit the yandere type, he’s just protective of Nene and doesn’t want her to get hurt. He doesn’t do it out of fear of her loving someone else.

Is Mitsuba a girl or boy?

Mitsuba’s uniform Mitsuba’s appearance is androgynous—many of his classmates have commented on his girly looks. He tends to wear mostly pink oufits. He is a slender and relatively tall middle school-aged ghost with pink hair and eyes.

Does Hanako love Nene?

He finally told her a bit of his past. Nene thinks about how Hanako could have had a happy future, and Hanako also wishes for her to have a happier fate. … Hanako [As Amane] finally asks her if she likes him, and Nene replies with a resounding yes, confirming that she does in fact, have romantic feelings for Hanako.

Who is Hanako’s Yorishiro?

His yorishiro is a girl named Sumire, a descendant of Aoi who he guarded until she was sacrificed. The most famous School Mystery. Hanako is referred to as a female but Hanako is actually, a male. He has the power to grant wishes to the living but as compensation, he must take something dear to them in return.

Who is Mitsuba’s crush?

Mitsuba seems pretty fond of Nene as a senpai. He protected her from falling debris after he accidentally hit them with his new powers, and tried to impress her by exclaiming that he’s gotten stronger now, even though Nene didn’t really understand what he was talking out.

Will there be a season 2 of Hanako kun?

As of reporting, there is no legit info for 2nd season of Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun. Although considering how well supported the collection used to be plus the actual manga purchases, choosing up the 2nd season may no longer be too a ways off.

Who killed Tsukasa Yugi?

Tsukasa is Hanako’s younger twin brother and the person he killed. While Hanako feels considerable guilt over killing him, Tsukasa however, doesn’t seem to bear any ill will towards his brother for it, though he doesn’t hesitate to use it as leverage to manipulate the latter.

Who does Minamoto Teru have a crush on?

Yashiro Nene
Yashiro Nene

At the start of the series, Teru’s relationship with Nene is a purely one-sided crush from her, and he is the target of various love strategies, though he does not know Nene is behind them.

What does Kou Minamoto earring say?

The kanji on Kou’s earring means “traffic” (交通, kōtsū), hence the nickname Mitsuba gave him, and the first kanji of the word (交, kō) is homophonous with Kou’s first name (光, kō).

Does Kou love Yashiro?

Yashiro Nene

Their relationship goes beyond just a crush however, and the two are very good friends. Kou is quick to defend Nene when others tease her, and is shown to be very supportive of her. They get along well.

Are Teru and Kou related?

Teru Minamoto is the older brother of Kou Minamoto, and is known in Kamome Academy as the “School Prince” because of his kind demeanor and handsome appearance.

Is Teru Minamoto a girl?

His kindhearted personality attracts not only girls his age, but also boys. He is especially kind towards his siblings, his brother Kou and his sister Tiara, as he almost always does whatever they ask of him. Aoi and Teru’s status in school as described by Nene, ‘the queen and king of popularity’.

Does Kou Minamoto have a sister?

Minamoto Tiara (源てぃあら) is the younger sister of Minamoto Teru and Kou, and the eldest daughter of the Minamoto clan.

Does Yashiro kiss Hanako?

And Yashiro kissed him. … Each kiss, each touch set an inferno inside him and around them. A kiss so deep, it made the whole world disappear, and Hanako found himself lost in everything that was Yashiro.

Who is Natsuhiko?

Hyuuga Natsuhiko (日向夏彦) is a 2nd year at Kamome Academy’s High School division. He is a member of the school’s Broadcasting Club.