How to create viber public chat

How can I make a Viber public chat?

Create a Viber Community
  1. Open the chats list screen.
  2. Tap on the add new button. (Android) (iPhone)
  3. Choose New Community.
  4. Add the details of your Community – name, icon and a description.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Share the group link with others to add members.

How can I know Viber public?

You can now find Public Accounts by tapping the Public icon in the main menu on your Viber screen and start exploring the new feature! Violet’s Kitchen is a restaurant we created – not real (unfortunately) – to showcase what Public Accounts are all about.

How do I create a Viber business account?

How To Create A Viber Business Account
  1. Login to the Viber Admin Panel. Enter the phone number registered to the personal Viber account here.
  2. Add Your Business Details. Add a picture and some basic information about your business.
  3. Press Create. Hit Create at the bottom of the form.

How do I put Viber community on my desktop?

In order to open your Community, follow the next simple steps: open the chats list screen and tap on the add new button to choose the “New Community” option. Select contacts you’d like to promote to an admin status (more on that later) to add to your Community and choose a name for your Community.

Where is my Viber QR Code?

From Viber’s main user interface, tap the More menu. 3. In your More screen, a QR code icon will be found on the top right corner. Tap it and your code will appear immediately.

How can I use Viber secret chat?

Hidden Chats

Some conversations are very private and need an extra layer of security. For this, use Hidden Chats. Accessed by PIN code only and kept in a different section of Viber, here you have the ultimate private chat. Tap More > Settings > Privacy > Hidden Chats.

Can anyone join a Viber group?

A group chat on Viber is best for chatting with up to 250 members – usually family or close friends. Members are invited to join, or can join by a direct link. A community can have unlimited members, and admins can allow all members to invite their friends to join.

Why can’t I add someone on Viber?

Refresh the contacts list by pulling down on the screen and releasing. Check that your device settings say All contacts to allow Viber access to your entire phone book. Try removing and re-adding a contact. Restart your phone.

Why can’t I add someone on Viber group?

Why can’t I add someone to a group

You will receive an alert advising you that the person couldn’t be added to your group due to their privacy settings if you try to add someone and you are not on their contact list.

Can I know who added me on Viber?

yes, they will know that they have been added in a viber group conversation, however, all the participants, except the one just added, will know, who has added the latest person.

Does Viber show your phone number?

Viber’s servers will we able to see your Viber username, profile picture, phone number, your contacts list, and some activity information. Read more about each of these in the Privacy Policy. Viber don’t keep: Your messages – once delivered, no messages sent on Viber are held on our servers.

Can you see blocked messages on Viber?

If you try to call/message someone you‘ve blocked, you‘ll see an alert asking you to unblock the person first. You can make calls and send messages to someone that you blocked on your phone; however, you will not receive any messages from the blocked person.

What happens when you delete someone on Viber?

It appears that if you delete a contact, that it only affects your address/contact list. The other person does not seem to get notified and they would still have your contact info (assuming they have it stored).

When you block someone on Viber what do they see?

Blocking a contact will not delete previous message and call history. Blocking a contact will not prevent you from seeing messages they send in a group you are both participating in. Blocked users will see a “Sent” message status for the messages they send you. The message status will never say “Delivered” or “Seen

How do you know if someone blocked you on Viber 2020?

When you block someone on Viber can they see your profile picture?

If you have their contact saved in your mobile before blocking them then they will be able to see your profile picture which you had at the time when you blocked them. But they won’t get any updates on your profile after blocking.

Can a blocked person still see my profile?

In most cases, blocking a person is easy – you simply click on their profile and use the “Block” option. However, if that person has blocked you, then you won’t be able to see their profile. That means that they can continue to view your profile while they are completely “invisible” to you.

How can I be invisible on Viber?

The process is the same for both iOS and Android devices.

How to Hide Online Status

  1. Open the Viber app on your phone.
  2. Tap on More in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down to Settings.
  4. Click on Privacy.
  5. You will see “Share online status” at the top of your screen.
  6. Tap on that, and you will become invisible.

How can I hide my Viber online status?

How to Check If a Contact Is Online Or Not on Viber
  1. Open the Viber app and go to Calls.
  2. Then, click on Viber in the right menu to exclude contacts that don’t have the Viber app.
  3. Choose a contact and tap on it. In the top under its name you will see its actual status (Online or Last seen).

How can I read Viber messages without seen?

Open Viber and tap on Hamburger icon for Options. From bottom area tap on Settings. Tap Privacy. Find the option Send ‘Seen‘ Status and uncheck it.

Why is Viber last time wrong?

‘ when the app is running in the background or closed down. In some circumstances Viber changes the LS date/time as a result of some other mobile activity, but this is random and differs between iPhone and Android. So the last seen time in Viber is not at all accurate.