How to create value prompt in microstrategy

How do I create a prompt in MicroStrategy?

To access the Create Prompt page
  1. In MicroStrategy Web, on the Home page, click New Prompt. The Create Prompt page opens with a list of the types of prompts that you can create.
  2. To create a new prompt, click on the type of prompt that you want to create.

How do I change the prompt in MicroStrategy?

You can edit any prompt by clicking it in MicroStrategy Web. The prompt opens in Edit mode. For steps to edit a prompt, see Types of prompts to determine the type of prompt you are editing, and then use the appropriate section to make changes to any aspect of the prompt.

When you add a prompt item directly onto a report page What happens when you run the report?

They are used to satisfy parameter values before running a report. As a result, prompt controls added to a report page only appear when you run the report in HTML format. When you run a report in HTML format, users select which values they want to see, and the report is refreshed, producing a new report.

How do you create a value prompt in Cognos?

  1. Goto Explorer bar-> prompt pages-> Drag new page.
  2. Now from toolbox , Drag date prompt icon on prompt page.
  3. It will ask for prompt (create/update).
  4. Not browse to package item on which you are creating prompt.
  5. Next select operator as in_range (generally we select here =, in etc).
  6. Now do next next finish.

How do I add a prompt in Cognos 11?

How do I create a multi select Prompt in Cognos?

Procedure. Click the prompt control. In the Properties pane, choose whether to allow users to specify more than one value or a range of values: To allow users to specify more than one value, set the Multiselect property to Yes.

How do I use Prompt in Cognos?

Adding Prompts to Filter Data
  1. use the Build Prompt Page tool.
  2. build your own prompt and prompt page.
  3. create a parameter to produce a prompt.
  4. insert prompts directly into the report page.
  5. in dimensional reporting, you can also define prompts using context filters.

What is parameter map in Cognos?

Parameter maps are objects that store key-value pairs. Each parameter map has two columns, one for the key and one for the value that the key represents. All parameter map keys must be unique so that IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes can consistently retrieve the correct value.

How do you create a map in Cognos?