How to create imvu badges

Where can I get free IMVU badges?

1. Find a person who has free badges on their homepage. 2. Click on “Request badge”.

  • Go to your homepage. (
  • Go to “Account”. (upper right corner)
  • Scroll down until you see your badge canvases.
  • Press, hold and drag the badge you want to your canvas. List of people who have free badges.

What do the badges mean on IMVU?

The IMVU badges feature lets you create badges and give them to your friends. Your favorite badges are displayed beside your profile picture across the IMVU website. When you get a badge, you know it was created by someone who really loves IMVU, and who wanted you to have something special to show off in your profile.

How do you buy badges on IMVU?

How do you overlay badges on IMVU?

Go to the first tab and put in whatever badges you want to put in there. Then on the second tab put whichever one you want to overlay on top of it. You can do this with as many tabs as you want.

How do you change your badge on IMVU?

How do I hide my AP badge on IMVU?

STEP 1: Go to, and then login to your account. If you are having problems logging in, click here. STEP 2: Click Account located at the top of your IMVU page. STEP 3: Scroll down to the avatar card section, and then make sure the Disable badges on my homepage box is unchecked.

How do you hide the greeter badge on IMVU?

Once a Greeter fails to greet regularly, the badge disappears. It will reappear once the Greeter resumes active greeting, but the Greeter Score will reset to 0. At the same time, being removed from the Greeter Program will cause your badge to disappear.

How do you show your screen on IMVU?

To start getting badges for IMVU, see step 1.

Showcase the badge.

  1. You should be taken to the Accounts, Settings, and Tools for your profile. Scroll down until you see your profile card.
  2. A list of available badges should be right below your profile card.
  3. Your new badge should appear on your profile card.