How to create horizontal menu in joomla

How do I create a vertical menu in Joomla?

How to Create Vertical Menus in Joomla
  1. Log-in to your Joomla admin panel.
  2. Create a standard Menu under the joomla >> Menus.
  3. Create a Menu Module under the Module Manager. Specify ” vmenu” Module Class Suffix (with a leading space) under the Advanced Options of the chosen Menu Module:

What is menu type in Joomla?

When setting up a Joomla menu item, you need to choose the menu item type. The menu item type defines what and how the content on the next page will look like. Selecting the Category List menu item type will link to a page listing all of the articles belonging to the category you choose.

What is mega menu in Joomla?

JUX Mega Menu is a drop-down menu module which allows you to display a ton of content in menu items including text, images, module and even modules. This is one of the most complete and responsive extensions for the Joomla mega menu.

How do I change the mega menu in Joomla?

Choose the name of the custom module from the Select Modules dropdown.
  1. Check your work and here’s what you will see. Not exactly right yet. Let’s adjust the column widths.
  2. Return to Menus > Top > Sample Sites (the top level menu item.
  3. Open it for editing the parameters.