How to create home page in codeigniter

How do I find my homepage in CodeIgniter?

You’d use something like $this->uri->uri_string() to see what the current URL is, and compare that to what your homepage URL woud be (typically an empty string, or “index. php”). Code: if($this->uri->uri_string() == ”) echo ‘This is homepage‘);

How do I add a page in CI?

The first thing in creation of static page is setting up a controller.
  1. A controller is a class that helps delegate work.
  2. For this you have to create a file pages. php in CodeIgniter/application/controllers i.e. the path of pages.
  3. Write the following code inside pages. php file:

How can I add header and footer in PHP?

You don’t need php tags in these files if you just have html. You can do it by using include_once() function in php. Construct a header part in the name of header. php and construct the footer part by footer.

HOW include external php file in codeigniter?

Simply follow the below steps.
  1. Step 1:- Create a duplicate copy of Codeigniter’s root index.php file and name it as external.php.
  2. Step 2:- Now open the PHP file of external script from where you want to access the Codeigniter instance.
  3. Step 3:-

HOW include header file in codeigniter?

Here is how I do that:
  1. The template library. Create a template. php in your system/applications/libraries/ folder.
  2. Load the library in you controller(s): $this->load->library(‘template’);
  3. Create a new template.php file in your system/applications/views folder. The contents of that template.php can be something like this: