How to create customer in oracle apps r12

How do I create a supplier as a customer in r12?

STEP 1 – Log in to Payables application and create a new supplier. This will create a new party record in HZ_PARTIES which is linked to the supplier record in vendors table. STEP 2 – Log in to Receivables application and go to Customer UI. Here query the party by name you used when creating the supplier in step 1.

How do you make an inactive customer in r12?

Go to the Party Maintenance tab. Enter the Registry Id in “Registry Id” field that was noted in step 2 and click “Go”. (as per step 2, it should be “Active”). Change the status drop down to “Inactive” and click “Save”.

What is customer profile class in Oracle Apps r12?

Use Customer Profiles to group customers with similar credit worthiness, business volume, and payment cycles. For each profile class you can define information such as credit limits, payment terms, statement cycles, invoicing, and discount information.

How do you create a customer in fusion?

First, navigate to Receivables > Billing from your Welcome Springboard: On the Billing screen, click on the Task Panel, and click on the “Create Customer” function: Fill up the required fields such as: Customer Type – You have two options: Organization or Person.

How do you define a customer in Oracle Fusion?

Creating Customers in Oracle Fusion

To create a customer, you must specify at least a customer name, Account Address Set, account site address and business purpose. Log in Billing responsibility. Navigate to the Create Customer window. The default Customer Type will be Organization.

What is customer class in Oracle Fusion?

What is a Customer Profile Class? It holds details such as the Customer’s creditworthiness, credit tolerance, credit limit, its default payment terms, statement configurations, and its assigned collector.