How to create brand guidelines indesign

How do you create a brand guideline?

Build one with these 6 simple steps:
  1. Kick off your brand style guide with a great brand story.
  2. Use logo guidelines to create a recognizable brand signature.
  3. Include your brand’s core color palette.
  4. Dictate your typography hierarchy.
  5. Define your brand voice.
  6. Specify the imagery and iconography that makes up your visual style.

How do I make a brand book in Indesign?

Open your selected editor, create a new document, design the layout, and fill it with content. To streamline the design process, you can pick a ready-to-use template for our brand book. After that, you’ll only need to add your information.

What is brand guidelines template?

Bold Blue Restaurant Brand Guidelines Template

Your brand guidelines should outline exactly what your brand stands for. Not just list visuals, logos, and colors that your brand uses. It should include company values, your motto or words you want people to associate with your brand.

What is a style guide Indesign?

A style guide is a set of rules that define how you should create, represent, and maintain your brand in a variety of formats—from print to web to broadcast.