How to create a playlist on amazon alexa app

How do I make a playlist on Alexa app?

It’s easy. Simply say, “Alexa, create a new playlist“, and then you can add songs to it. Or, you can say something like, “Alexa, create a ‘Road Trip’ playlist” or “Alexa, create a ‘Morning Smoothies’ playlist” or “Alexa, create a ‘Super Sleep’ playlist“.

How do I create a group in Alexa app?

To create a smart home device groups in the Alexa app:
  1. Go to the menu, and select the Devices icon .
  2. Select the + icon, and then Add group.
  3. Use pre-set group names, or create your own, and then select Next.
  4. Select the devices you want to include and then Save.

How do I add an Alexa playlist to my iPhone?

Set up Apple Music with Alexa
  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, then tap the menu button in the upper-left corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. In Alexa Preferences, tap Music.
  4. Tap Link New Service.
  5. Tap Apple Music.
  6. Tap Enable To Use.
  7. Follow the instructions to sign in with your Apple ID.

Can I use Alexa on my iPhone instead of Siri?

You can now access Amazon’s voice assistant on your iPhone. Look out, Siri: You no longer need an Echo or Echo Dot to use Amazon’s voice assistant, as it’s also available on iOS devices.

How do you play a playlist on Alexa?

To see your playlists, open the Alexa app on (Android, iOS) or go to In the left menu, click Music, Video, & Books and select My Music Library. However, to manually build or edit your playlist, you’ll have to go to or use the Amazon Music app (Android, iOS).