How to create a nearpod lesson

How do I create a Nearpod presentation?

Select Create from the home menu. Click the New Presentation button on the upper toolbar. Start your presentation from scratch or import existing files by dragging and dropping them on to the page. Nearpod accepts file formats such as PowerPoint, Smart files, or PDF documents and images in JPG or PNG format.

How do you make a Nearpod lesson on Google Slides?

How do I get started with Nearpod?

How do I submit a lesson to Nearpod?

How to add a Nearpod assignment to Canvas
  1. Click plus symbol in the module section.
  2. Add new assignment and name it.
  3. Open the assignment and click edit.
  4. Change “submission type” to external tool.
  5. Click “find” and choose Nearpod.
  6. Select your desired lesson.

Can students use Nearpod at home?

Teachers can use this feature to simplify differentiation, facilitate choice, or send Nearpod presentations home as homework or newsletters. Take a look at how to maximize student-paced lessons and bring these ideas to your classroom!

Do Nearpod CODEs expire?

Nearpod has been working on something new just for you. Users can now adjust the length of student-paced CODEs for up to 365 days. Extend the student-paced CODE until the end of the school year, so your students always know what’s coming next.

Can I reopen a Nearpod lesson?

Teachers can now maintain multiple sessions of the same lesson simultaneously. Now, users with a gold edition who teach multiple periods of the same subject can resume any Nearpod session easily.

Can Nearpod see your screen?

As we’ve observed teachers who use Nearpod, we’ve noticed that many of them use a projector to display either their Teacher View or a Student View to their class. Videos will play in this Student View even if the classroom devices are paused. You no longer have to risk showing quiz results accidentally.

Is Nearpod free?

Nearpod Silver Edition is entirely free and most of our users are very happy with it. As you may know, we also offer our Gold and School Editions, which are NOT free and offer many more features for both teachers and administrators. That’s how we make money and can survive as a business. Simple as that.

Can I pay for Nearpod monthly?

$349/year (only $29/month)

They can be purchased online only (choose the version you want above). To get more information about purchasing a school or district license, click here. For a more detailed view of our license types, visit

How expensive is Nearpod?

Nearpod pricing starts at $120/year (only $10/month) and scales with number of session size and features. Features expand across Silver, Gold, Platinum, School & Districts and Higher Education plans.

Which is better Nearpod or Peardeck?

Nearpod allows for ‘Live Lessons’ or ‘Student-Paced’ lessons. If the teacher selects ‘Student Paced’ then students are able to move through the lesson at their own pace. Pear Deck has far more options for how to test your students.

Is Nearpod like Google classroom?

Slide sharing platform Nearpod, is now working directly with Google Classroom, allowing teachers to instantly assign and share their interactive lessons with their students. Now, teachers can select a button below that code and share to their Google Classroom page.

Is PearDeck like Nearpod?

PearDeck also allows you to choose to require students to sign into a Google or Microsoft account, thereby eliminating nicknames or anonymous participants. Similar to Nearpod you can add a new prompt during a lesson.

What is similar to Nearpod?

Top Alternatives to Nearpod
  • SMART Learning Suite.
  • Canvas.
  • McGraw-Hill Connect.
  • Kahoot!
  • ClassDojo.
  • Socrative.
  • Seesaw.
  • EdPuzzle.

What type of tool is Nearpod?

Nearpod is a flexible platform that allows you to download ready-to-teach content, or build your own lessons. You can create your presentation directly within Nearpod or drop in Powerpoints, Google Slides, or Keynote presentations. To learn more about Nearpodizing your lessons click here.

Is class flow free?

ClassFlow is a FREE collaborative learning software for the next generation classroom. It simplifies the way that teachers discover, create, and deliver interactive learning. It also makes it easier than ever to teach and assess students in the modern classroom.

What can you do with Nearpod?

Nearpod helps educators make any lesson interactive whether in the classroom or virtual. The concept is simple. A teacher can create interactive presentations that can contain Quiz’s, Polls, Videos, Collaborate Boards, and more.

Can students save Nearpod presentations?

Notes are more versatile now that they can be saved to OneDrive and autosaved throughout the lesson. If a student forgets to save their notes or their device crashed, their notes will be auto saved.

How do students share a Nearpod lesson?

Launch a Nearpod lesson, then share it with your students via the Google Classroom button. It’s that simple! After you launch an interactive lesson, Nearpod generates a 5 digit PIN with sharing options. Now, you can click the Classroom button to send the Nearpod lesson to your Class Page to share with your students.

How many students can use Nearpod at once?

Are there limits to how many students can join a Nearpod lesson? For live and self-paced lessons, with upgraded school-level access, up to 150 students can join your lesson at the same time. For users with district-level access, 250 students can join your lesson at the same time.

Can two teachers be on Nearpod at the same time?

With a little planning, you and a colleague can be co-teaching with Nearpod in no time. Anytime you are using educational technology and/or co-teaching there are a few important things to remember: It is important for you and your co-teaching partner to have a good rapport with each other and your students.