How to create a folder in wunderlist

How do I organize my wunderlist?

Wunderlist Tips:
  1. Create Folders. Avoid getting your wunderlist cluttered with a stream of lists.
  2. Keep your lists per folder slim. Try to keep your list count in each folder to below 6.
  3. Use due dates. Due dates are you friend.
  4. Prioritize.
  5. Clean Up.
  6. Bundle similar Tasks into Sub-tasks.

How do I export Todoist from wunderlist?

Export your Wunderlist data: Log into your Wunderlist account and click the export button to save your data to a file. Import it into Todoist: In your Todoist account on your desktop or in your browser, head to Settings > Account and click Import to upload your Wunderlist data file.

Can I migrate from wunderlist to Todoist?

You can import your Wunderlist data on Todoist through the desktop app on macOS and Windows 10, or through the web app. The mobile apps currently don’t support importing data.

How do I move wunderlist to Microsoft?

Migrating Wunderlist tasks to Microsoft To Do is simple. Head to and sign in using your Microsoft account. Open the settings and you’ll find the migration tool. Follow the steps to pull your lists and tasks over to Microsoft To Do.

Is Microsoft todo free?

Microsoft To Do is available for free, and syncs across iPhone, Android, Windows 10, and the web.

Will wunderlist be discontinued?

Wunderlist is officially gone, but you can replace it with one of these productivity apps. Microsoft’s To Do list app replaced Wunderlist in May. Sorry, Wunderlist devotees: As of May, you can no longer use the list-making app, its owner Microsoft announced back in December.

Is Microsoft killing wunderlist?

Microsoft is planning to kill off its Wunderlist app on May 6th, 2020. The software giant originally acquired Wunderlist more than four years ago, and it has spent the past two years building out its To Do app as a replacement.

What app can replace wunderlist?

ProofHub is just the perfect Wunderlist alternative. As the complete project management tool, ProofHub gives you a central place to plan your projects, collaborate with remote teams, manage your tasks, and stay in ultimate control of everything.