How to create a facetime group

How do you send a group FaceTime invite?

Add another person to a call
  1. During a FaceTime call, tap the screen to open the controls, swipe up from the top of the controls, then tap Add Person.
  2. Type the name, Apple ID, or phone number of the person you want to add in the entry field at the top. Or tap. to add someone from Contacts.
  3. Tap Add Person to FaceTime.

Why can’t I FaceTime with a group?

The first possible reason that Facetime might not work is that your device is not running iOS version 12.1 or later. Older versions of iOS will not support Facetime, so that is the first thing you should check. The same is true of potential call recipients. They need to have iOS version 12.1 or later as well.

How do you create a group on iPhone?

How do you add a new contact to FaceTime?

In the FaceTime app, tap the plus button and enter the person’s phone number or email address. Tap the number or address, then tap Audio or Video . If you have the person’s phone number or email address saved in your Contacts3, you can start typing their name and tap the name when it appears.