How to create a church directory

What is Instant Church Directory?

Description. Instant Church Directory is a simple way to view your Church Directory. Never deal with an outdated directory again, any changes made by the admin are immediately synced to the app. Use Instant Church Directory to: – View family information and photos just like any traditional paper directory.

Does planning center have a directory?

As of today, you can give your congregation access to a directory in the Church Center mobile app, and on the web. It’s completely free for your church to set up through Planning Center People.

Can you print a directory from Planning Center?

We‘ve created 3 reports to start you off. Directory _ gives you a printable list of of your people with their picture, email & phone numbers. You‘ll find these new reports at the top of the main people page when you click the new “print” button.

How do I create a list in planning center?

To create a new list, click New List from the Lists page. This view shows the number of people in the list as well as the list name, the last time the list was refreshed, any automations, and the owner of the list. Search by list name or filter the list by campus, categories, or Starred Lists.

How do I create a custom tab in planning center?

In order to add Custom Fields, you must create at least one Custom Tab. Click add tab, type the name of the tab, and press Enter. Add fields by clicking New Field and choose what type of field you want it to be. Use the pencils to edit the name of your tab any any fields.

How do you create a report in planning center?

How do I create an email list in planning center?

How do you create a workflow in planning center?

How do I send an email to someone in planning center?

Select the people you want to contact, click the email button, and start writing! If you want to reuse an email later, you can turn it into a template; and if you have any existing templates you want to use, you can select one from the template dropdown in the email window.

How do I view emails sent from planning center?

To view your sent and received email history, click the Communication tab in your profile.

Viewing Email History

  1. Choose to view Received or Sent messages.
  2. Click a message to view its contents.
  3. Click to load the next 10 messages.

How do I send an attachment in planning center?

Skip clicking ‘add an attachment‘ and instead select a file from another window, drag it onto the Planning Center page, and drop it like it’s hot! You can drag files onto any individual song page, arrangement page, media, person or plan page to attach it to that page.

How do I stop receiving emails from planning center?

If you don’t want to send a scheduling email, and you want people to see the plan on their schedule, you can disable Prepared Notifications. To disable a Prepared Notification for a person, click their name in the plan, manually uncheck the Prepare box, and save your changes.

Does planning center have texting?

In order for text messaging to be a free service, Planning Center uses the SMS Gateway provided by each cell company, which is why you must set the cell carrier correctly for texting to work.

How do I turn off planning center reminders?

To disable all reminder emails for a service, click the Times dropdown and select Disable Reminders. You’ll have the option to update only this plan or all future plans.

How do I archive people in planning center?

From the Actions menu in a person’s profile, click Archive or Remove. Choose to archive or remove the person from Services or take actions from the People database to delete, set inactive, or merge people.

How do I remove people from planning center?

If you want to delete someone you can find them directly in Planning Center or use the quick link from Notebird.
  1. Click the Planning Center profile link under the person’s name.
  2. Click the Gear dropdown on the right hand side.
  3. Click Delete Profile (follow Planning Center prompts)

How do I change my logo in planning center?

You can edit your photo and contact information from the top of the profile.
  1. To change your profile picture, click the current picture, and then choose a new image (or gif) file from your computer.
  2. To update your name, email addresses, phone numbers, or addresses, click the Actions menu and select Edit profile.

Is planning center free?

Planning Center Pricing Overview

Planning Center pricing starts at $14.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. Planning Center offers a free trial.

How do I download files from planning center?

To download a PDF of selected files from the plan, click the Rehearse menu and choose Songbook PDF. Select the file types that you want to include in the Songbook, and then click Accept. The available file types depend on which files have been attached to plan items.

How do you use the Planning Center app?

Is the Church Center app free?

Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where your congregation can explore, engage, and get involved throughout the week. Each feature is powered by one of our products—subscribe to Planning Center, and the Church Center experience is completely free.

Is planning center only for churches?

We Love Our Churches

What we do, we do only for the church, and that will never change.

Is there an app for planning center registrations?

Planning Center products are web-based and accessible from most browsers. Many Planning Center products also have mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.