Is the movie Where Eagles Dare a true story?

Given the number of entirely amazing true stories from WWII, it does seem curious that they needed to make one up, but freed from the necessity for historical accuracy, Alastair MacLean’s imagination runs entirely riot, and cordially we’re invited along to experience his very best daring-do wet dream.

Why is there a helicopter in the movie Where Eagles Dare?

The helicopter seen landing in the castle courtyard is a Bell model 47G, not built until well after the war. While the Germans had a small number of working helicopters during the war (none of which would have been readily available to the filmmakers), the Bell does not make a convincing stand-in for any of them.

Where was Where Eagles Dare filmed?

Even when I was young, Where Eagles Dare looked different. Unlike so many shoot-’em-up-and-churn-’em-out war movies, it was filmed largely on location, in Austria and Bavaria. The Schloss Adler is a real castle; the Alpine village is a real village; the cable car to the castle is a real cable car.

What castle was used in Where Eagles Dare?

Hohenwerfen Castle
The castle – Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria; filmed in January 1968.

What was the bus in Where Eagles Dare?

1952 Steyr built bus
The bus the team drives away in near the end is a 1952 Steyr built bus, a design that did not exist at the time.

Were there helicopters in the Second World War?

Sikorsky R-4, the world’s first production helicopter, which served U.S. and British armed forces in World War II. An experimental version of the aircraft first flew in 1942.

Can you visit the castle in Where Eagles Dare?

After a hotel pickup, you’ll travel to the Obersalzberg region, and see the Berghof ruins. Explore the Eagle’s Nest, Golling Waterfalls, and the Castle of Werfen. You’ll have plenty of time to explore independently, and find a spot for lunch too.

Who was Richard Burton married to?

Sally Burton

m. 1983–1984
Suzy Hunt

m. 1976–1982
Elizabeth Taylor

m. 1975–1976
Elizabeth Taylor

m. 1964–1974
Sybil Williams

m. 1949–1963
Richard Burton/Spouse

Does hohenwerfen Castle have a cable car?

THE CASTLE Entrance to the castle on the hilltop is via a short cable car journey from the car park. The castle itself is magnificently preserved with a fantastic view of the valley and mountains either side. Food drink and shaded seating is in the main courtyard. Tours of the castle with audio guides start every hour.