When was the original Captain Marvel created?

December 1967
Captain Marvel, American comic strip superhero created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan for Marvel Comics. The character debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes no. 12 in December 1967.

Who is the original Captain Marvel?

The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and designed by artist Gene Colan and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (December 1967).

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
Captain Marvel
Full name Mar-Vell
Species Kree
Team affiliations Defenders Avengers Legion of the Unliving
Notable aliases Dr. Walter Lawson

Was the original Captain Marvel a man?

Although the character was initially male, the character of Captain Marvel is not firmly tied to just one character, but is rather a title held by several characters in the comic books. … Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1939 under the name Timely Comics.

When did Captain Marvel become a woman?

The story finally gave Danvers something her origin story had been missing: agency. Both the series and the costume redesign exploded in popularity. By late 2014, just two years after DeConnick’s series debuted, “Captain Marvel” was announced as Marvel’s first, female-led superhero film.

Who came first Superman or Captain Marvel?

Debuting in 1940, publisher Fawcett Comics wanted to get in on the superhero craze that Superman began, and they created their own Superman-like hero, named Captain Marvel.

When did endgame come out?

April 26, 2019 (USA)
Avengers: Endgame/Release date
The film’s official title, Avengers: Endgame, and final U.S. release date of April 26, 2019, were revealed with the film’s first trailer in December 2018.

Who was the 1st superhero?

Superman was the first widely hailed superhero, appearing in Action Comics #1 in June 1938, and he was the prototype for the many costumed superheroes that followed.

Who is the oldest Marvel character?

Thor (1.500 years old) Thor becomes the one and only the oldest Avengers member. The god of thunder is actually 1.500 years old, his age is little bit older than his brother Loki who is 1.053 years old.

Who is the first supervillain?

The first supervillain ever to appear in Marvel Comics was Mole Man in Fantastic Four #1. Mole Man remains an iconic Marvel villain, mostly because he was the first. However, as a villain, he brought little to the Marvel Universe.

Is Marvel or DC older?

Looking back at the publication release dates of both DC and Marvel in comics, DC came out first. It was first known as Detective Comics Inc. … Marvel only came out five years later, in 1939, with Marvel Comics #1.

Who was the first black superhero?

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Black Panther is often credited as the first Black superhero, having debuted in Marvel’s Fantastic Four #52 in 1966, but in 1947 Black journalist Orrin C Evans created All-Negro Comics, the first ever all-Black comic book.

Who owned DC?

Warner Bros.
DC Comics
DC Comics’ current logo, introduced with the DC Rebirth relaunch in 2016
Parent company DC Entertainment, Inc. (Warner Bros.) (WarnerMedia Studios & Networks) (WarnerMedia) (AT&T) (spin-out into independent entity pending, to be merged with Discovery, Inc.)
Founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Who is the baddest villain in Marvel?

Now, thanks to his starring role in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Thanos is not just seen as Marvel’s biggest villain but he’s a household name in his own right – even recreating his cosmically catastrophic Infinity Gauntlet ‘snap’ to murder half the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just as he did in Marvel Comics.

Who was Batman’s first villain?

The Joker debuted in Batman #1 (April 1940) as the eponymous character’s first villain, about a year after Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939).

Did Stan Lee create DC?

Stan Lee (b. December 28, 1922 – d. November 12, 2018) was an American comic book writer, editor and publisher. Known primarily as the founder and first Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, Stan has also contributed material to DC Comics.

Did Stan Lee create Marvel?

Stan Lee co-created Iron Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and other Marvel Comics superheroes who’ve thrilled movie audiences and become pop-culture icons. … Generations of fans have applauded Mr. Lee as the prime mover behind Marvel’s success—not least because Mr. Lee, who died at the age of 95 in 2018, always said he was.

What is the DC stand for?

District of Columbia
The President of the USA and many major national government offices are in the territory. This makes it the political center of the United States of America. Washington was named after the first U.S. President George Washington. “D.C.” stands for “District of Columbia“.

Does Stan Lee hate Superman?

Stan Lee was always more than open to talk about his and Marvel’s competitor, DC Comics. … During the interview, Lee goes on to discuss his thoughts about Superman and Batman. He admits that he isn’t a big fan of Superman and that he would have done him very differently.

Who created DC superheroes?

The man who started it all, the man who created DC Comics, was Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. He was was also a superhero in his own way as part of the U.S. Army during World War I.

Who invented marvel?

Martin Goodman
Marvel was started in 1939 by Martin Goodman under a number of corporations and imprints but now known as Timely Comics, and by 1951 had generally become known as Atlas Comics.

Marvel Comics.
Parent company Marvel Entertainment, LLC (The Walt Disney Company)
Founder Martin Goodman
Country of origin United States

Was Stan Lee a fan of Batman?

Although he’s best known for his work with Marvel, Stan Lee also had a great working relationship with DC Comics, and was a huge fan of DC’s characters. In 1989, for example, he celebrated Batman’s 50th anniversary by writing a poem paying homage to the Caped Crusader in Detective Comics #600.