How to do communion at home

What do you say when you take communion?

When taking communion at home, the most important thing to say is ‘thank you’. Before breaking bread, Jesus gave thanks. When he took the cup, he gave thanks again. Say, thank you to God for your life, for the forgiveness of sin.

How do you perform communion?

  1. 1 Prepare the communion elements. Prepare the communion elements ahead of time. …
  2. 2 Gather the congregation together. Gather the congregation together. …
  3. 3 Hold up a cup. Hold up a cup of the wine or grape juice. …
  4. 4 Follow your tradition. …
  5. 5 Allow time.

Can communion be done online?

Holy Communion

Because of the limitations the pandemic is imposing, pastors to have asked for permission to allow people to participate in communion from home as you lead online worship. Pastors are now allowed to provide online Communion service as a way of extending sacrament as a means of grace.

What prayer do you say after communion?

I thank You, O holy Lord, almighty Father, eternal God, who have deigned, not through any merits of mine, but out of the condescension of Your goodness, to satisfy me a sinner, Your unworthy servant, with the precious Body and Blood of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

What do pastors say before Communion?

Here is the reason why ministers of Communion are instructed to say, “The Body of Christ,” and not “This is Jesus,” or “Receive the Body of Christ.” This brief and humble acclamation invites all the faithful to recognize the Body of Christ in the consecrated bread and in the People of God receiving Communion!

How do you do communion on Zoom?

Does communion have to be bread and wine?

There are only two elements required for communion: bread and wine. … While the bread and wine do not actually undergo a physical change, most Catholics believe that the substances actually become the body and blood of Christ in another manner. This process is called transubstantiation.

How do you do the Lord’s Supper?

When you gather as followers of Jesus, spend time in quiet meditation, silently considering and confessing your sins. Share the juice or wine you have set aside for your group, and drink. Celebrate in prayer or singing. You have shared in The Lord’s Supper.