What is a easy-going person?

calm and unworried; relaxed and rather casual: an easygoing person.

What is an example of easy-going?

A person who is laid back and goes with the flow is an example of someone who would be described as easygoing. An office environment where everyone does their own thing and there’s no rigid rules is an example of an easygoing office.

Is easy-going good or bad?

Is the word easy-going positive or negative? Some dictionaries say it means lax, negligent or careless, while some say it means not easily annoyed, worried or upset. … Living without undue worry or concern; calm.

Is it easy-going or easy-going?

ODO lists easygoing, a single word with no hyphen, in the US English dictionary. Google Ngrams shows that this usage has been more common since the 70’s. In the British and World English dictionary, they have easy-going, with a hyphen.

When people say your easy-going?

If you describe someone as easy-going, you mean that they are not easily annoyed, worried, or upset, and you think this is a good quality. He was easy-going and good-natured.

Whats the opposite of easy going?

Opposite of having an easy-going mood or temperament. high-strung. uptight. agitated. anxious.

What is easy-going adult?

Easy-going people focus on their own goals and happiness, not what other people think. If you have to live your life on guard of what you say or how you look, you will miss out on all the opportunities to bask in self-love and acceptance. … When you feel good about you, it doesn’t matter what others think.

How can a person be laid back?

How to Become More Laid-Back
  1. Have a vision. …
  2. Be aware of when you are going on autopilot. …
  3. Focus on wants, not shoulds. …
  4. Practice saying no. …
  5. Learn to delegate. …
  6. Be proactive rather than reactive. …
  7. Explore ways of lowering your overall anxiety. …
  8. Plan experiments.

How can you tell someone’s personality?

Here are some other ways to say this:
  1. “I’m really outgoing.”
  2. “I’m quite friendly.”
  3. “I am a gregarious person.”
  4. “I like to go out and meet new people all of the time.”
  5. “I am pretty sociable.”
  6. “I am a social butterfly.”
  7. “I am a warm person.”

Is being easy going attractive?

Being easy-going is still an attractive quality, but its link to increasingly higher levels of sexual or romantic interest may have a limit.

Is being easy going a good trait?

Easy-going is a desirable quality as well: Easy-going partners will adjust to your needs, let you make decisions, and be happy with what they have.

Why is being easy going Important?

Being easy going makes it easier to focus on what matters

Since you’re not worrying about that weird thing your boss said last week or whether anyone noticed your bad hair day, you can put energy toward working on yourself—picking up new hobbies, taking care of your mind and body, or strengthening your relationships.

Is chill and easy going the same?

As adjectives the difference between easygoing and chill

is that easygoing is (of a person) calm, relaxed, casual and informal while chill is moderately cold or chilly.

Can you be too easy going?

Being too easygoing can remove any sense of friction in a relationship—and without friction, there’s no spark. And with no spark, things can become monotonous. … All of this is likely to result in a non-breakup from this non-relationship. With long-term relationships, things are similar yet still oh-so different.

What is Type A personality?

The hypothesis describes Type A individuals as outgoing, ambitious, rigidly organized, highly status-conscious, impatient, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are often high-achieving “workaholics”.

What does it mean to be laid back?

or laid·back

relaxed or unhurried: laid-back music rhythms. free from stress; easygoing; carefree: a laid-back way of living.

How do I become easy going at work?

How to Be More Easy-Going at Work
  1. Ask your coworkers to lunch. …
  2. Stop being so perfect. …
  3. Stop being so dramatic. …
  4. Accept your flaws and mistakes. …
  5. Be combative when it counts. …
  6. Find your zen. …
  7. Take a breath before replying. …
  8. Picture yourself in a coworker’s shoes.

How can you tell if someone is laid back?

5 signs that you’re chilled
  1. You try to avoid confrontation. If there’s a disagreement in the house, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re not involved. …
  2. You aren’t particularly fussy about things. …
  3. You shy away from being ‘the organiser’ …
  4. You take a stress-free approach to your studies. …
  5. You’re incredibly easy to be around.

What is a laid back relationship?

By being laid back, the goal isn’t to love less or invest less in the relationship, it’s to love without relationship anxiety. The goal is to remove the neediness but still keep the passion and love intact.

What is a laid back personality?

If you describe someone as laid-back, you mean that they behave in a calm relaxed way as if nothing will ever worry them. [informal] Everyone here has a really laid-back attitude. Synonyms: relaxed, calm, casual, together [slang] More Synonyms of laid-back.

What is a chill relationship?

Yes, being “chill” can mean being carefree and having an easygoing attitude, both of which are super valuable traits when it comes to dating. But for the most part, chill dating mostly consists of undefined relationships where people aren’t communicating what they really want out of the situation.