What does annihilate mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to cause to cease to exist : to do away with entirely so that nothing remains. b : to destroy a considerable part of Bombs annihilated the city.

What is an example of annihilation?

The definition of an annihilation is the entire and complete destruction of a place, thing or group. An example of an annihilation is the bombing of an entire town and the resulting murder of all the residents.

What is a synonym for annihilation?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for annihilation, like: extermination, obliteration, eradication, nullification, destruction, extinguishment, liquidation, extinction, abolishment, abolition and abrogation.

Can a person be annihilated?

Killing ends when the thing you are killing (your sworn enemy, all hope, a pesky mosquito) is deceased. Annihilate goes farther—when you annihilate something, you wipe all trace of it from the earth. You eliminate a person, but you annihilate a tribe, a town, or even a species.

What type of interaction is annihilation?

annihilation, in physics, reaction in which a particle and its antiparticle collide and disappear, releasing energy. The most common annihilation on Earth occurs between an electron and its antiparticle, a positron.

What is annihilation in sociology?

noun. The annihilation, absence or active un-representation of a cultural group, i.e. decimating a culture by disallowing the symbolic representation of that group or misrepresenting that culture within the mainstream media or consciousness.

What is the meaning of the movie annihilation?

For his part, in an interview at Google, Garland said the movie is about “self-destruction,” and on a metaphysical level, Annihilation certainly has that. … Cancer is a destruction of the self by biological means, and Annihilation shows that self-destruction reflected in the environment.

What is the stem for the word annihilation?

Origin of annihilation

First recorded in 1630–40; from French or directly from Late Latin annihilātiōn- (stem of annihilātiō ); see origin at annihilate, -ion.

What is annihilation in history?

Definition of annihilation

1 : the state or fact of being completely destroyed or obliterated : the act of annihilating something or the state of being annihilated The late 1940s and ’50s were so pervaded by a general fear of nuclear annihilation that the era was known as the Age of Anxiety.—