How to create top menu in magento 2

How do I add a frontend menu in Magento 2?

Adding custom link to Magento 2 store menu
  1. Create a folder named Magento_Theme inside your them folder (ie : app/design/frontend/YourName/themename/Magento_Theme)
  2. Create the following structure under the Magento_Theme directory : /templates/html.
  3. Upload the file topmenu.

How do I change the header menu in Magento 2?

  1. Create Top Menu Magento 2. Follow guide: How to Create Simple Menu Magento 2. Video guide:
  2. Change Top Menu Magento 2. Open Your Default.xml at the path: app\code\Ves\Megamenu\view\frontend\layout. Then edit: Replacemenu-top” to “menu-top1” -> Save and Upload Your store server. View How Top menu Display at Frontend.

How do I change the navigation bar in magento 2?

How to edit the default Magento 2 navigation menu?
  1. Level 1. The 1st level is the default category.
  2. Level 2. The 2nd level is the main menu displayed on the frontend.
  3. Level 3. At the 3rd level, you can split the main categories into several sections.
  4. Level 4. The 4th level gives even narrower subcategories.

What is mega menu in Magento?

Mega Menu allows merchants to add custom CMS blocks or HTML content individually for each category sub-menu position. This includes; Top, Bottom, Left or Right. You will be able to showcase new products, promotions, carousels, and more! –> Click for Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension frontend DEMO.