How to create random tile pattern

How do you stagger tiles?

What tile pattern is best?

The Best Tile Patterns
  • STRAIGHT LAY PATTERN. Maiolica Deco Subway Tile in Tender Gray, available at Avalon Flooring.
  • RUNNING BOND/BRICK PATTERN. Luna Glass Subway Tile in Lighthouse, available at Avalon Flooring.

How do you calculate tile layout?

Multiply the length times the width to determine the room’s square footage. For example, a 12- by 15-foot room will have a square footage of 180-feet. Compare the size of your chosen tile to the size of the room to estimate the amount of tile you need.

Do tiles have to be staggered?

If you are using tiles that have decorative designs and motifs, consider a straight tile pattern. Above all, a kitchen will have cabinets and appliance doors and these kitchen equipment sometimes look sharp and angular; it takes a staggered floor tile pattern to add extra texture and softness to the overall setting.

Should shower tiles be staggered?

Often, the tiles you choose for the shower renovation project will dictate what style you choose. If you use small, 1-inch tiles, laying them in a straight pattern is common as a staggered design could be visually distracting. With this style of tile, you’re forced to use a staggered design.

What is a staggered tile pattern?

Staggered” refers to a pattern of installing the tile so that the tiles‘ natural shape is the edge of the area rather than the tile being cut to make a straight edge. This look embodies an “unfinished” style that is at once both casual and refined, with an opportunity to showcase the craft of tile installation.