How to create ntn number in pakistan

How can I get NTN number from CNIC?

Type “ATL (space) 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)” and send to 9966. Check Active Taxpayer status of AOP and Company by SMS through the following procedure: Type “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” and send to 9966.

Is CNIC a NTN number?

Taxpayer Registration basics

In case of individuals, 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) will be used as NTN or Registration Number.

How can I register my company in NTN?

Documents required for BusinessNTN Registration
  1. Copy of valid CNIC.
  2. Copy of recently paid electricity bill of business location.
  3. Blank Business Letter Head.
  4. Property papers or Rental Agreement(Rental Agreement printed on Rs.
  5. Contact Numbers (Mobile & Landline), and valid Email address.
  6. Nature of Business.

How many digits are there in NTN number?

At present NTN contains eight digits, including one ”check digit”.

How do I know if a filer is non filer?

You can verify the your filer status with FBR by simply typing “ATL space thirteen (13) digit CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) Number and sending it to 9966 from your mobile phone.

Who is a non filer?

A person or corporation who does not file a tax return by the required date. In general, a person who has filed taxes once must continue to do so for the rest of his/her life (or existence, if a corporation). A nonfiler may be subject to interest, late fees, and other penalties.

How do I know if I get a stimulus check?

Check the IRS Get My Payment web tool for determining whether your stimulus payment has been issued. Read answers to frequently asked questions about stimulus payments on Call the IRS toll-free stimulus information line: 800-919-9835.

How do I become an active filer?

Enter all the details such as you CNIC, mobile number etc to complete registration process. Login in to your account and enter all your income details in the form. Congrats you are tax filer now. Type ATL (space) 13 digit CNIC number and send SMS to 9966, to check whether you are on active taxpayer list or not.

What is filer and non filer?

Filer‘ as defined in the Ordinance means a taxpayer whose name appears in the active taxpayers’ list issued by the Federal Board of Revenue from time to time or is a holder of a taxpayers’ card. A ‘NonFiler‘ is a person who is not a filer.

Can Pakistani become overseas filer?

Overseas Pakistanis can become tax filers if their Pakistan-sourced income falls below the legal tax bracket or doesn’t exist at all. If they have a valid CNIC, they can still file nil tax returns to get the benefits of a filer.

How do I file a salaried return?

To facilitate salaried person in filing their Income Tax Return, Declaration form 114(I) has been provided. Salaried person would need to complete the Declaration form 114(I) in order to successfully submit their Income Tax Return.

How do I file a nil return for a salaried employee?

Filing a nil return is no different from filing a regular income tax return.
  1. Enter your income details and deductions. Income tax is computed and you will be shown that you have no tax due.
  2. Submit your return to the Income Tax Department. And send your ITR-V to CPC Bangalore to complete the e-filing process.

How do I file an individual tax return?

2. Online: Enter the relevant data directly online at e-filing portal and submit it. Taxpayer can file ITR 1 and ITR 4 online.
  1. PAN will be auto-populated.
  2. Select ‘Assessment Year’
  3. Select ‘ITR Form Number’
  4. Select ‘Filing Type’ as ‘Original/Revised Return
  5. Select ‘Submission Mode’ as ‘Prepare and Submit Online’

How can a salaried employee file income tax return in Pakistan?

To facilitate salaried person in filing their Income Tax Return, Declaration form 114(I) has been provided. Salaried person would need to complete the Declaration form 114(I) in order to successfully submit their Income Tax Return.

How can I get NTN number for salaried in Pakistan?

Go to FBR IRIS portal and click on Registration for unregistered person. Enter all the details in the form and click on submit button. Log in to your account and edit the 181 application form. Enter all your personal, income and property details and you will receive NTN in few hours.

How do I file my first tax return in Pakistan?

File online Income Tax Return by logging into Iris. Iris is online portal where Income Tax Return is filed. If you are a first time Income Tax filer, registration will be required before you can file your Income Tax Return. After registration you can log into Iris and file your Income Tax Return.

Who needs to file a tax return in Pakistan?

Salaried individuals with income in excess of PKR 500,000 are required to e-file the return of income. Other Individuals deriving taxable income of Rs 1 million or more or having a turnover in excess of Rs 50 million are required to file returns electronically.

Who can file return?

As per the tax provisions, filing income tax returns is mandatory where the gross total income of an individual is more than Rs 2,50,000. It is common knowledge that every Indian citizen whose gross total income exceeds the taxable limit in a financial year is required to file his/her income tax return (ITR).

How much annual income is tax free?

Therefore, under the new tax regime, basic exemption limit will remain Rs 2.5 lakh for all taxpayers.” Do keep in mind that only individuals having no business income in a financial year are eligible to choose between both the tax regimes every year.

How many tax filers are in Pakistan?

The number of filers for 2019 was at 3,000,453 till December 20 this year. Previously, the highest figure of filing returns was at 2.85 million people for tax year 2018. FBR received 1.8 million returns for tax year 2020 up to the due date.