How to create multiple bitly links for same url

How do I make multiple bitly links for the same URL?

You can add multiple links to the entry field; just separate them with a space, then click “shorten” and “bundle” to quickly and simply create an all-in-one package of multiple links. Every link you add will include a rich media preview and Bit.

How do I share multiple links at once?

How to share multiple links in one link
  1. Start a new session by opening a new browser window.
  2. Open relevant links in separate browser tabs.
  3. Name the session/collection by returning to Tablerone.
  4. Click “Share” button.
  5. Enable “Publish to the web” accordion menu option.
  6. Write a short description of the collection (optional)
  7. Click “Publish collection” button.

Can you reuse a bitly link?

No. Each link Bitly issues is unique and will not be re-used, so you can be confident that the link will always direct to the same long URL is was originally saved to.

Can you delete bitly links?

If you want to delete a Bitly link, I’ve got some bad news: You can‘t. Links, according to Bitly, “can never be deleted.” That’s pretty clear cut, isn’t it? But if all you want is not to see the link in your Bitly account, you can do that.

How do I know if a link is Bitly?

You can verify the destination of any Bitly link by adding a plus symbol (“+”) at the end of the URL. Entering an address like and adding the “+” at the end will direct you to a page displaying the link’s information.

Can You Trust bit ly links?

Bitly is a legitimate online service that shortens the size of URLs making them easier to share elsewhere. Unfortunately, scammers behind spam text messages and fraud attempts abuse this tool to mask the links to their websites that have just one goal—to steal your money or private information.

What is behind bit ly link?

CheckShortURL is an expand link facility: it allows you to retrieve the original URL from a shortened link before clicking on it and visiting the destination. It also checks if the original URL is on search engines, Twitter, and lets you know if the hidden link is safe or not.

Can you track bitly links for free?

Unfortunately, Bitly link tracking only lasts 30 days on the free and basic plans, and up to 2 years on custom plans. Even on custom plans, detailed performance metrics are only tracked through 90 days.

Who owns a bitly link?

In 2017, Spectrum Equity acquired majority stake in Bitly for $64 million. As of August 2018, Bitly had shortened over 37.5 billion URLs.

Is Bitly safe?

Bitly is a legitimate link-shortening service, but you shouldn’t just click on one of them unless you know for sure where it will take you. But there is a safe way to click on a Bitly link: all you have to do is add a “+” to the end of it (a “plus” sign).

Why is Bitly bad?

“This means that anyone who randomly scans URLs will find thousands of unlocked OneDrive folders and can modify existing files in them or upload arbitrary content, potentially including malware.” This way of distributing malware is worrisome because it is both quick and effective.

Is bit ly a virus?

Bitly, one of the top three popular URL shortening services, is being mimicked by the bad guys to lead users to click and download supposed game breaks (and others). The files turn out to be malicious.

Can I earn from Bitly?

It appears (and it’s a bit scary) that with you can‘t earn any money even if you send good quality traffic and there is no clear reason for that.

What does Bitly pay per 1000 views?

The payout for 1000 Views: Up to $15 ( Minimum $3 ) Minimum Payout: $5. Referral Commission: 30% Payment Options: PayPal, Payza, Paytm etc.

How much does AdFly pay per click?

At an average Adfly pays you $2/1000 visits toyour links. But as I said it is an average. From USA you canmake as much as $9/1000 visits wile from Asian countries youmay make less than a dollar for 1000 visits.

Is Adfly trustable?

Adfly is trustable. All you have to do is wait 5 secs, and look at the ad. The host gets 5 cents each download. Also, understand that Adfly is a portal.

How do I get an Adfly link?

How can I make money with Adfly fast?

Why Adfly is not working?

The first cause is using “Adblock” in your browser (Chrome, Firefox..). As Adfly is an advertising website which converts links and adds to them 5 seconds ads, that’s one of the reasons. The second cause is restrictions in some countries that block your access to Adfly or Mega links.

How much earn from Adfly?

20 cents per click. That means you need five clicks to reach a single penny. If you want to make $1, you need 500 clicks, and that’s clicks that are valid. With all the people using adblockers out there, it’s easy to have to double that, if not more.

How do you make money from links?

Here are the top 3 ways to make money sharing links:
  1. Adfly and other link shorteners. Focus on using these for links that go to pages that don’t have other offers or your blogs posts on them. Helpful resources:
  2. Affiliate links. Invest 10-15% of your income if possible.
  3. App referral links. Helpful resources: