How to create instamojo account

Is Instamojo free?

Now for FREE! Give your customers the choice to pay via any mode: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, Wallets and UPI without any additional cost to your business with the Instamojo Convenience Fee.

How do I add Instamojo payment gateway to my website?

Integrate with Website
  1. Login and go to your Instamojo dashboard.
  2. Upon clicking the Embed Button option, you can further customize the look & feel of your button depending on your blog or website in three ways:
  3. Final step is to copy the code and paste it on your blog or website ( green button in the image below ).

How do I log into Instamojo?

Log In
  1. Sign in with Google.
  2. Continue with Facebook.
  3. OR.
  4. Your Email Address / Username.
  5. Your Password.

Is Instamojo Indian?

Instamojo is India’s simplest online selling platform. We power small, independent businesses, MSMEs & startups with online stores and online payment solutions to help them run an eCommerce business successfully.

Is Instamojo trustworthy?

With Instamojo you don’t need to anymore. Instamojo is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to ensure that your transaction data is 100% safe. Get started on Instamojo in under 2 minutes to ensure safe online transactions!

How do I get paid by Instamojo?

Simplifying how to collect payments on Instamojo. Really, it is simple.

Once setup is complete, receiving payments via Instamojo is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Create a payment request.
  2. Show payment link to the buyer in your app/site.
  3. Get payment credited into your registered bank account in T+3 Bank working days.

How much does Instamojo charge per transaction?

For every transaction, there is a nominal fee that is charged to you. The normal transaction fee at Instamojo is 2% of the amount + ₹ 3 per transaction excluding GST. For example: if someone pays you ₹ 1000, you’ll receive ₹ 972.86 in your bank account.

Which is better Instamojo or Razorpay?

While Instamojo charges a little more than Razorpay, it also offers SSL security. Moreover, while Razorpay offers mobile optimization for both of its versions, Instamojo gives away gift cards for better customer service.

How do I enable instant payout on Instamojo?

How can you avail Instant payouts?
  1. Use the Instamojo payment platform to get your customers to make the payment. You can receive payments through Payment links, Smart Links or via the online store.
  2. Login to your Instamojo account.
  3. Head to Instant Payouts section.

How do I find my client ID for Instamojo?

You can generate Client ID and Client Secret for a plugin or wrapper from the integrations page if you’re logged in. Click on Create new Credentials and then select the Platform/Framework from the dropdown for which you want to generate Client ID and Client Secret and then click Generate Credentials.

What is pay later in Instamojo?

To schedule payments, simply use the “Request Lateroption in the Request a Payment app. This opens a menu allowing you to select a date and time when you want a request to be sent. Simply add a date and time schedule a request, you can select a date upto 60 days in the future.

What is Instamojo account?

Instamojo offers Trial accounts that let you try out all the features, with limits on total payments you can collect per month. After you have submitted KYC and verified your account, you can collect payments totaling more than Rs. 9,999.00 every month – all other features remain the same.

Is Razorpay free?

Is Razorpay free? No. Razorpay charges a nominal fee to customers for using its payment gateway. While setting up the Razorpay payment gateway for your online store, merchants can choose from two different plans.

Who is the owner of Razorpay?

Shashank Kumar – FounderRazorpay | LinkedIn.

What is Razorpay fee?

2%* Razorpay platform fee. Get access to Flash Checkout, Dashboard, Reports & much more. *GST applicable. Instruments like Diners and Amex Cards, International Cards, EMI (Credit Card, Debit Card & Cardless) & Corporate (Business) Credit Cards will be charged at 3%

Is Razorpay safe?

Ensure all data is encrypted during transmission: When cardholder data is transmitted online, it is imperative that it be encrypted. Razorpay encrypts all information you share using checkout via TLS (Transport Layer Security). This prevents data interception during transmission from your system to Razorpay.

How is Razorpay?

Razorpay is the only converged payments solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process, and disburse payments via its product suite. With Razorpay, you have access to all payment modes, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets.

What happens when online transaction fails?

As per the circular, if the money debited from customer’s bank account does not reverse back to the bank account within the specified time period, due to a failed transaction, then the bank is liable to pay a penalty of Rs 100 per day to the customer. If not done, then penalty of Rs 100 per day beyond T+1 is levied.

How do I activate my Razorpay account?

To access live mode and accept payments from customers, you must activate your account. To activate your account, click Activate account in the menu panel. Enter the required information and click Activate Account.