How to create hi account

What is a ServiceNow Hi account?

Your Service Now admin can create an account on HI for you. Please see Customer Administration – ServiceNow Wiki for details. The HI system is for customers to report issues and manage their instances.

How do I create a ServiceNow account?

How do I raise a high ticket in ServiceNow?

What is a hi ticket?

WHAT ARE HIGHTICKET ITEMS? Highticket items are a high-value and high-priced product or service. They cost a bit of money and offer buyers a high value. These items can include expensive products like cars, jewelry, and high-end bikes. And they could be services like coaching, webinars, and training.

What is dictionary override ServiceNow?

Use a dictionary override to allow a field in a child table to have a different value or behavior than the same field in a parent table. For example, a dictionary override changes the default value of the priority field from 4 in the parent table to 5 in the Incident table.

What is dictionary override?

Dictionary Overrides are defined on a related list which appears on the form for fields whose table is extended.

What is data dictionary ServiceNow?

#NOWTips: The Underlying ServiceNow Database – All Things Tables. without the need to alter the underlying database. This is, in fact, what makes ServiceNow an enterprise-wide platform, allowing data to be shared and used by multiple users and interfaces.

What are attributes in ServiceNow?

Dictionary attributes alter the behavior of the table or element that the dictionary record describes. Attributes will add some other functionality to fields. for example, if you want to show user_name in the caller field in incident table, then you need to turn on autocomplete for user_name column.

What is macro ServiceNow?

UI macros are basically used to create one’s own custom controls and interfaces. For creating UI Macros, knowledge of jelly scripting is required. By default, ServiceNow provides UI Macros for various user interfaces like: All formatters.

What is a reference qualifier in ServiceNow?

Reference qualifiers are used to restrict the data that is selectable for a reference field, using either the auto complete support or the magnifying glass lookup icon. The reference qualifier may either be a static encoded query string or JavaScript code that returns an encoded query string.

How do I create a custom field in Servicenow?

  1. State model and transitions. Tutorial: add a new change management state. Create a new choice. Create a custom field.
  2. Change Management workflows.
  3. Change flows. Change Management Flow Designer actions. Use the Apply Change Approval Policy flow action.
  4. Change models. Change models properties. Create a Change model.

What is option schema in Servicenow?

The widget option schema defines the user-configurable fields. To add, edit, or delete option fields, select the Edit Options Schema menu item in the Widget Editor menu. On a portal page, <ctrl> + click on a widget (on some operating systems <ctrl> + right-click) and select the Widget Options Schema menu item.

How do I create a column in Servicenow?

Adding Fields to a Report
  1. Run the desired list report.
  2. Select the Configure tab.
  3. Click Choose columns.
  4. Choose the fields you’d like to add from the Available fields list.
  5. Use the right arrow to move them into the Selected fields list.
  6. Optional: Change the order of the fields in the report:

How do I add a column to a Servicenow table?

Add fields to a table. Add fields using Form Designer.

To add fields to a table:

  1. Open the table for editing in Studio.
  2. Go to the Columns section (tab).
  3. Click the New button.
  4. Configure the new field: Choose a data type. Enter a value for the Column label (value that appears on forms and lists).
  5. Click the Submit button.

How do you make a field mandatory in business rule?

To make a field mandatory the best solution would be implement – UI Policies and Data Policies. and select “Due Date” – Mandatory Column to True.

How do you make a field mandatory in UI action?

setMandatory(); To use that on your UI action, this will need to be transformed to a client one. In other words, the current object will not be available. You can also use UI policies, which is a best practice to set fields as Mandatory or ReadOnly.

How do you make a field mandatory using UI policy in Servicenow?

How do I create a UI policy?

Create a UI Policy.
  1. In Studio, click the Create Application File link.
  2. In the Filter field enter the text UI Policy OR select Client Development from the categories in the left hand pane.
  3. Select UI Policy in the middle pane as the file type, then click the Create button.

Which is faster UI policy or client script?

UI Policies perform faster than client scripts, but the order of execution will run client scripts before UI Policies. You can configure your UI Policy to apply functions such as Global, Inherit, On load, and Reverse if false. On load will run the UI Policy when your page is loading.