How to create hex file in avr studio 4

How do I use USBasp with AVR Studio 4?

Creating External Tool for USBasp

To upload the compiled hex files. You need to configure the external tool for USBasp. If you don’t create an external tool for USBasp that’s fine too, then you need to type the avrdude commands to upload or use other software to upload the hex file for you.

How do I upload a hex file to Atmega8?

Flash burning process
  1. Start AVRLoader.
  2. Select the Microcontroller (Atmega8)
  3. Point out the .hex file(Your .hex file in ‘default’ folder inside the project folder)
  4. Click WriteButton (in the ‘Flash’ option)

How do I save a hex file in Atmel Studio 7?

hex files, you could perhaps goto Project –> Right click –> Properties. And you see a window as shown below. Choose the items that you want and build the project. By default, they are turned ON for all configurations.