How to create help view in sap abap

How do you create a view in SAP ABAP?

Creating a View

Step 1 − Select the View radio button on the initial screen of ABAP Dictionary. Enter the name of the view to be created and then click Create button. We entered the name of the view as ZVIEW_TEST. Step 2 − Select the projection view radio button while choosing view type and click Copy button.

What is a help view?

A help view is a special view for use in search helps. The selection methods of a search help can be database tables, database views, and the special help views. Database tables restrict the search help to one table and database views restrict it to inner joins, whereas help views also make outer joins possible.

What is SAP maintenance view?

A maintenance view is a special view for performing writes on multiple tables using extended table maintenance. A single maintenance view can be used to modify the content of multiple related database table consistently. The structure type defined using a maintenance view can be referenced in ABAP programs using TYPE.

How do you create Tcodes?

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a tcode for an ABAP report program. Go to SE93( Maintain Transaction ). Enter the name of the tcode to be created and press create. Enter the short text for the tcode, choose “Program and selection screen(report transaction)” radio button and press continue.

What is SAP Tcode table?

All SAP t-codes are stored in 2 SAP database tables: Table TSTC (this table stores the transaction codes and other technical information such as program name, screen number, etc.)

How many events are there in TMG in ABAP?

There are 39 events for Table Maintenance Generator, follow this: Then you will get below events: 01 Before saving the data in the database.

How do you debug TMG events in SAP ABAP?

So for this purpose below mentioned method should be followed, this procedure is very useful and can be utilized wherever we want to debug the events. First go to transaction SWETYPV then new entries.

Debugging SAP events

  1. Introduction of events.
  2. About receiver FM.
  3. How to debug related event.

What is TMG events in SAP ABAP?

ITS EVENTS. What is table maintenance generator? Table Maintenance Generator is a tool used to customize the tables created by end users and can be changed as required, such as making an entry to that table, deleting an entry etc.

How do you regenerate a TMG?

To regenerate the table maintenance generator after adding or deleting a field from table structure, go to Table Maintenance Dialog Generator (SE56). Enter the Table/View name for which you want to regenerate the TMG and click on Create/Change. Click on change icon.

How do you make fields mandatory in SM30?

5 Answers. You have to put some code in while generating table maintenance screen from table maintenace generator which will validate the field when user try to enter data using SM30.. Add a event there (01 Before saving the data in the database) and code to validate data

How will u print footers in ALV report?

By Joyjit Ghosh. slis_t_listheader. Step3: Create a subroutine with name ‘END_OF_LIST’ and with in this form we have to call the function module ‘REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE’. Whenever ‘END_OF_LIST’ event is get fired it executes the subroutine END_OF_LIST and displays the text into the footer of the ALV GRID.

What is top of page in SAP ABAP?

This statement defines an event block whose event is raised by the ABAP runtime environment when a list is created. This occurs when a new page begins (that is, immediately before the first line on a new page is produced). All list output produced in the event block is placed below the standard page header of the list.

How do you trigger the top of the page in ALV report?

Using Top of page and end of list IN ALV reports
  1. Call the function module REUSE_ALV_EVENTS_GET.
  2. Provide the sub routine name for top-of-page event.
  3. Implement the subroutine to display ‘top of page‘ .
  4. Call the function module REUSE_ALV_COMMENTARY_WRITE to display top-of-page in ALV.
  5. Finally, export the events into internal table to the REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.

How do you create a header in SAP ABAP?

  1. Enter the program name.
  2. Select Text elements and choose Display or Change.
  3. Select List headings and choose Change.
  4. The list heading can be up to 70 characters long. Each of the four columns of the Column heading field can be up to 255 characters long.
  5. Save your entries.

How do I add a header to ALV?

CREATE OBJECT lo_header. * text. lo_h_label = lo_header->create_label( row = 1 column = 1 ). lo_h_label->set_text( ‘Header in Bold’ ).