How to create dynamic internal table in sap abap

How do you create a dynamic table in SAP?

  1. Step 1 – Create Structure. We create structure using field catalog.
  2. Step 2 – Create Dynamic Table. Dynamic internal tables can be created using method CREATE_DYNAMIC_TABLE in class CL_ALV_TABLE_CREATE.
  3. Step 3 – Populating the dynamic table. Each cell in the dynamic table is accessed using field symbols.

How do I create a dynamic column in ALV?

enddo. * Create dynamic internal table and assign to FS call method cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table exporting it_fieldcatalog = it_fldcat importing ep_table = new_table. assign new_table->* to <dyn_table>. * Create dynamic work area and assign to FS create data new_line like line of <dyn_table>.

What is interactive ALV in SAP ABAP?

This is a Sample Interactive ALV Code that may help an ABAP developer understand the basic ALV Interactive Programming. This is an Interactive ALV report, where on line selection we can see the secondary list.

How do I add a column to ALV report?

You need add that new field in the catalog and then the new field also should be as one of the columns of the internal table where the data is going to reside.

How do I display multiple ALV grid in ABAP?

Displaying more than one table in ALV grid report by splitting the custom container. Go to Screen painter Transaction Code SE51. Create a screen with no 9010. Provide description for the screen and click on the Layout Button.

How do you refresh ALV grid?

In ALV, to refresh the table you have to call the method “refresh_table_display”. It has the syntax very similar to creating the table. if you want to refresh only the icons around the grid (the data is not refreshed – this option is mostly not used in day to day applications).

How do you create ALV report in oops in ABAP?

Follow the steps to create an OOPS ALV in SAP ABAP:
  1. Create an object of class CL_GUI_CUSTOM_CONTAINER and class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID.
  2. Populate internal table.
  3. Call screen in which you want to display the list.
  4. Create Custom Container from layout lab.
  5. Call method of class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID and pass the required parameters.

What is ABAP OOPS?

The object-oriented approach focuses on objects that represent abstract or concrete things of the real world. These objects are defined by their character and properties that are represented by their internal structure and their attributes (data).

How do I create a field catalog in OOPS ALV?

Using field catalog in OOALV
  1. Step 1: Data deceleration’s for ALV, Custom Container and user defined types of MARA. Add data deceleration’s for ALV grid, custom container UI element and for MARA internal table.
  2. Step 2: Create Screen.
  3. Step 3: Insert Custom Container UI element.
  4. Step 4:Create Modules.
  5. Step 5, 6: Build Field Catalog.

How is event handled in OO ALV?

Events in oops ALV
  1. define a class for event handling.
  2. define a method for a particular event in that class and then implement that class.
  3. create object for that class.
  4. register the event by using set_handler.

What is event in oops?

An event occurs when an object sends a signal that an action has taken place. The action can be caused by user interaction, such as a button being clicked, or triggered by program logic, such as a timer. A class can define events within the class definition; however, no functional code is associated with the event.

How do I edit a field in ALV?

ALV Edit and Save Functionality in ABAP
  1. Function Modules Used: REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.
  2. Create a program in SE38, add data declarations.
  3. Build Field catalog for MARA.
  4. Call Function Module to display ALV.
  5. Add Code to display top of page.
  6. Implement user command subroutine.
  7. Full and Final Code to display blocked list ALV.

How do I make one row editable in ALV?

Also note, for that particular PO number, we have collected all the line items into the GT_FINAL table which we will make editable. Now we should take care of the row editing logic. Make note of the use of this section (cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_style_enabled). This actually makes a particular field of your ALV editable.

How can you make an entire ALV editable?

3 Answers. refresh: go_fieldcat. ls_fcat-ref_table = ‘IMAT’. ls_fcat-edit = ‘X’.

How do you select rows in ALV grid?

Changes required from a basic ALV grid include adding a new field to ALV grid data table(it_ekko-sel) and adding an entry to the layout control table (gd_layout-box_fieldname = ‘SEL’). Please note you need to use the SHIFT and CONTROL keys to select multiple rows.

How do I show a checkbox in ALV report?

To Display the checkboxes in the ALV report output and to capture the user checkbox values. data: fieldcatalog type slis_t_fieldcat_alv with header line, gd_layout type slis_layout_alv. constants: c_x type char1 value ‘X’.

How do I delete a row in ALV grid in SAP?

hi , after selecting row to delete you want ot delete record from internal table or from database table . if you want to delete from internal table then on button delete . use case sy-ucomm =’DELETE‘ .

How do I display icons in ALV grid?

If you want to display an icon inside the cell, then you need to setup a value of this field to ‘X’ and additionally you need to put an icon from type-pool ICON into the corresponding field of your internal table. The corresponding field should be an CHAR4 field.

How does SAP define traffic lights?

The traffic lights are user specific, so each user can set their own traffic light definitions based on the exception message groups. To set the traffic lights, you must first execute the report. Once in the report you can click the “Define Traffic Light” button and a new screen will be displayed.