How to create content model in alfresco

What is content model in Alfresco?

Content models in Alfresco are implemented as an XML file that is commonly deployed through the Data Dictionary or embedded in an Alfresco . amp (or . jar) customization.

What is Alfresco aspect?

Aspects are a fundamental concept related to content modeling in Alfresco. Aspects allow addition of functionality to already existing content types. Aspects can have properties, and thus when added, they enhance content types with their properties. Additionally, behaviors and workflows can be attached to Aspects.

What is Alfresco developer?

Alfresco is an open source platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. ECM includes things like Document Management, Web Content Management, Collaboration/Enterprise 2.0, Digital Asset Management, Records Management, and Imaging.

What does alfresco mean in English?

: taking place or located in the open air : outdoor, outdoors an alfresco lunch an alfresco café dining alfresco.

Who uses Alfresco?

Alfresco helps more than 1,300 industry-leading organizations, including Cisco, Pitney Bowes, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, US Department of the Navy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and NASA, be more responsive and competitive.

Why is alfresco used?

Alfresco is a open source and free content management platform. It is a highly scalable enterprise content management system that helps your business grow through content service. Its easily integrated platform helps you manage your web portal, records, images, and many more.

What is Alfresco content services?

Alfresco Content Services provides open, flexible, highly scalable enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities with the added benefits of a content services platform — making content accessible wherever and however you work through easy integrations with the business applications you use every day.

Who invented Alfresco?

John Newton (co-founder of Documentum) and John Powell (a former COO of Business Objects) founded Alfresco Software, Inc. in 2005. Its investors include the investment firms Sapphire Ventures (formerly SAP Ventures), Accel Partners and Mayfield Fund.

What is another word for alfresco?

What is another word for alfresco?
open air open
outdoors outside
out-of-doors great outdoors
nature wilderness
wild wastes

Why is alfresco in dining?

In Italian, the expression Al Fresco actually means “spending time in the cooler” or jail. People enjoy dining Al Fresco when the weather is beautiful. The style is casual, yet festive, with a party-like atmosphere. If your restaurant has an outdoor patio or outdoor seating, you offer Al Fresco dining.

Where did the term alfresco originate?

Etymology. The phrase al fresco composed of two words, is borrowed from Spanish for “in the cool /fresh [air]”, still used in Spain to denote sitting outside in the cool open air, whether dining or not. Instead, Italians use the phrases fuori (“outside”, “outdoor“) or all’aperto (“in the open [air]”).

Does al fresco mean outside?

Al fresco is a phrase we’ve all heard before. It’s used in English to meanoutdoors”, and is seen particularly often in British newspapers, where it pops up in every article about picnics, barbecues, or outdoor dining of any sort.

What does fresco mean in food?

The phrase “al fresco” is Italian and translated in the United States means “in the fresh (air).” When the term is used in the U.S. relative to dining or at a restaurant, it means to eat outside.

What does alfresco mean in art?

What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Al fresco‘?

From the Italian, literally translated as ‘in the fresh’. In English, used to mean either ‘in the open air’ or, where specifically related to mural painting, ‘on fresh plaster’.

What are 2 types of fresco painting?

Three types of fresco painting have emerged throughout the history of art – buon affresco (true fresco), mezzo fresco (medium fresco) and fresco secco (dry fresco).

What are two types of movement in art?

There are three types of movement in art:
  • physical movement,
  • juxtaposition, and.
  • moving the viewer’s eye.

What is the difference between Alfresco and patio?

The difference between an ordinary patio and an alfresco space is that an alfresco space is designed to be used day or night and in all types of weather. For this reason, alfresco spaces often have roof extensions, a ceiling and lighting. Many new homes are built with alfresco spaces as part of the house design.

What is a pergola with a roof called?

Pergolas with a roof are often referred to as pavilions. Although they are quite similar in design, a pavilion is a freestanding pergola with a fixed roof that generally completely covers the pergola.

How do you decorate alfresco area?

Think of your alfresco as your outdoor living room. So where you’d add cushions, throw blankets, magazines and potted plants to your indoor area, include them in your outside area too (just make sure they’re weather appropriate or that you bring them inside after use!).

What is an alfresco balcony?

Alfresco spaces are outdoor structures that are similar to patios and have much the same uses. Alfresco areas are sometimes referred to as patios. The roofing on an alfresco is usually installed just underneath the existing roofing of the main structure and is meant to be so seamless that it is often unnoticeable.

What is a good size Alfresco?

For entertaining, it will need to be large enough to fit a table and chairs (min. 3 x 4m). If you have an outdoor kitchen or BBQ you will need a little more space between the cooking and sitting areas.

Does Alfresco add value to house?

Creating an indoor-outdoor environment that can be enjoyed all year round not only adds value to the existing property, but can also help to attract tenants and potentially increase the annual rental yield.