How to create a shopping list on alexa

Can Alexa text my shopping list?

Alexa will ask for a 10 digit U.S. phone number that can receive text message. Once user provides the phone number, Alexa will confirm the phone number with the user before sending the grocery list in text message.

What grocery list app works with Alexa?

The OurGroceries app (download for iOS or Android) syncs your family’s grocery lists across multiple devices so everyone is up to date on changes. The app works with smart devices like the Amazon Echo, so you don’t need to have your device on hand if you think of something.

Where does Alexa store shopping list?

The fastest way to see your shopping list is in the Alexa app
  • Open your Alexa app.
  • Tap the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Lists.
  • Tap Shopping to see the items on your shopping list.

Can I make a playlist on Alexa?

To ask Alexa for help when making a playlist, you’ll have to use a series of voice commands such as “Hey Alexa, create a new playlist” along with the name of the playlist and songs you want to add. You must have a music app synced to the Alexa app, and it must be compatible with voice commands.

Why is Alexa not playing my playlist?

Check Subscription. You need to have an active subscription to either Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited to play songs with Alexa. If you don’t have an active subscription, Alexa will not play the requested songs. Step 2: Click on your name at the top and select Memberships & subscriptions.

Why is my Alexa not playing music from Spotify?

There is no definitive fix for the errors, but a good start to troubleshooting the problem is to reboot the speaker. Then unlink your Spotify account and sign in again. If you’re having trouble streaming Spotify through your Echo, try unlinking the Skill in the Alexa app.

How do I play a specific song on Alexa?

In the Connected Devices section, tap the entry to Pair Alexa Gadget. Then open the Bluetooth settings screen on your mobile device and tap the name listed for your Echo. Your Echo is then connected. Now when you open a music app on your phone or tablet, the audio will play through your Echo device.

How can I listen to Alexa without prime?

Can I use Alexa without Amazon Prime?

You need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but you don’t need Amazon Prime. Here you can add any number of Alexa-supported devices to your account, from smart lights to smart plugs. But we’re focused on Echo devices, so tap Amazon Echo; at the next screen, tap the Echo device you want to set up.

How do I link my Amazon Prime account to Alexa?

How to connect?
  1. Download the Alexa app and sign in. You’ll now be able to set up your device, manage your alarms, music, shopping lists and more.
  2. Turn on your Alexa-enabled device.
  3. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network by following the instructions in the Alexa app.

Does Alexa have a monthly fee?

Is there a monthly fee for Amazon Alexa? No, there’s no monthly fee charged for Amazon Alexa. All you need is a stable WiFi connection to make your Echo work. However, having an Amazon Prime account gives you various benefits of using the Echo.

Is Alexa good for seniors?

The Amazon Echo or, Alexa is a voice-activated technology device. Unlike other voice-activated technologies, Alexa is screenless. While many kids are learning to utilize Alexa to help with homework or provide entertainment, Alexa is for seniors too! Alexa makes a great tool for engaging loved ones with dementia.

What is the best Alexa for seniors?

Amazon Echo’s Alexa helps seniors with dementia

Having Alexa available to answer questions, talk about news or weather, read audiobooks, or play music can give caregivers much-needed breaks.

Is Alexa easy for seniors?

For seniors with vision problems, Alexa can be a huge help. Seniors can listen to the news or hear weather forecasts without having to read a newspaper or phone. Perform basic tasks. When connected to smart home technology, you can use Alexa to perform these tasks with just your voice.

Is Alexa or Google better for seniors?

Google home is a very good voice assistant device for seniors but Amazon’s Alexa has more skills. Both Google Home and Alexa devices provide skills such as reminders, routines, ability to make phone calls, weather and news and access to 911 and so much more. But Alexa has over 100,000 skills vs Google’s 80,000 skills.

Can you have Alexa and Google home in the same house?

Yes. Both Alexa and Google Home devices can be used and carry out their full functions in the same house. They can even be located in the same room without interfering with each other.

Is Alexa always listening?

According to Florian Schaub, Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan School of Information, the microphones in these smart speakers “are always listening, but, by default, they are only listening for the ‘wake word’ or the activation keyword.” Since the whole purpose behind the device is to instantly respond

Why a Google home device is perfect for seniors?

Google Home is a smart device that can give personalized answers to variations on basic instructions and questions. The Google Home assistant responds in a warm, friendly voice with nice pacing, and is easy to understand. If the senior can’t hear something, they can tell it to turn up the volume.

Is Portal easy to use for older people?

It’s a tablet-like device that comes with Facebook’s voice assistant and Amazon Alexa, making things very approachable for the elderly. Using a third-party platform, you can voice-activate Pandora and Spotify, Newsy and The Food Network, which the elderly will love.

Is Google Nest Hub good for elderly?

With Google Nest Hub Max, seniors can stay connected to their friends and family. This article will help you assist a family member or friend to set up a Nest Hub Max, and share tips on how to use some of the display’s most popular features.