How to create a report in adobe analytics

How do I create a report in Adobe Analytics?

Create a report suite
  1. Click Analytics > Admin > Report Suites.
  2. Click Create New > Report Suite.
  3. To copy a report suite’s settings, in the template list, select either a predefined template or an existing report suite to use as a template. NOTE.
  4. Fill in the fields described in New Report Suite.
  5. Click Create Report Suite.

How do I pull reports in Adobe Analytics?

Run a report
  1. Log in to Reports & Analytics. The Reports menu displays, or a dashboard displays, if you have set one up.
  2. Click Site Content > Pages (for example). See Report Features for information about interface features of a report.

What is Report Builder in Adobe Analytics?

Report Builder is an Excel plug-in that lets you import real-time digital analytics so you can combine data from multiple sources and easily create customized visualizations for specific business or user needs.

What is the difference between Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Vs Adobe Analytics — Key Differences

Google Analytics has Intuitive dashboards that are easier to customize but harder to share data charts with other users. Adobe Analytics is less intuitive than Google Analytics but is much easier to share with other users.

How do I access Adobe Analytics?

In the left pane, under Application Setup, tap Adobe Analytics. In the Adobe Analytics Configuration page, tap Adobe Analytics Login. In the Adobe Analytics Login dialog box, enter your company name, Marketing Cloud Org ID (optional), username, and the shared secret key in the Password text field.