How to create a private raid group pokemon go

Can you solo a 4 star raid Pokemon go?

Is it possible to solo a 4 star raid? No, no current or former 4 star raids are soloable even with weather boost and friendship boost.

Can you solo a 1 star raid Pokemon go?

Pokemon Go raids are a core component of the game and absolutely necessary to partake in if your desire is to complete the Pokedex, but unfortunately there are limitations to them. For one, any raids above one star will likely require trainers to battle alongside, as you won’t be able to do it solo.

Can you solo 3 STAR raids Pokemon go?

if you have good/strong counters for the T3 in question, go for it. if you don’t, don’t. If you are level 36 you should be able to do some 3 stars solo. It just depends on what you‘re trying to solo.

Can you beat a 2 star raid by yourself?

2 Star bosses are solo-able if you have the right attack moves against their weaknesses. You probably need about 3 pokemon around 2k or more to do it. Very easy if you‘re level 25- 30. If you have solid 6 mons (1500+ good move sets) that counter the raid pokemon, then go for it.

Can you beat a legendary raid by yourself?

No T5 or T4 raid can be completed solo – they just have too much HP and not enough time to be defeated by any 1 trainer.