How to create a poll on facebook with 4 options

Can you add more than 2 options on a Facebook poll?

Facebook also lets you create polls with more than two options as answers. To do so, write “poll” in the search bar and click the following option: Click “get started now”.

Is there a limit on Facebook polls?

Creating the new polls is easy – now, when you go to compose a status update (on desktop or mobile), you’ll see a new poll option, with the ability to attach a relevant image or GIF in each field. You can set a time limit of a day, a week, or just leave it running indefinitely.

How do you ask for a multiple choice question on Facebook?

You can ask a question from a few different places: From your Profile: At the top of the page, next to where you would normally share a status update, select the “Question” link. Then enter your question and add poll options if you wish.

How do I ask a question on Facebook 2020?

How to Ask A Question on Facebook
  1. Find the “Question” option near “Status” option and click on it.
  2. Write the question in the Box.
  3. You can also add options to answer the question like a Poll. Click on the “Add Poll Options” and input the possible answers to select.
  4. Finally Click on “Ask Question” button.
  5. Done.

How do you create a poll question on Facebook?

Next to “Write something…”, tab the circled ellipsis (three dots) and select “Create a Poll.” Step #4. Tap “Ask something…” and enter your question.

How do I get Facebook to ask me a question on a story?

Facebook: Here’s How to Use the Question Sticker in Stories
  1. Step 1: Once you’ve taken or imported a photo or video in Stories, tap “Stickers” in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap the Question sticker.
  3. Step 3: Type the question you want to ask.
  4. Step 4: When you’re ready to move on, tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.

How do I ask a staff a question on Facebook?

1 Answer
  1. Go to the Facebook Help Center.
  2. Click on “Help Discussions” on the left sidebar. It should be the third link.
  3. Then click on the topic that you want to ask a question about and then the subtopic.
  4. Only then, you’ll find an option to ask a new question.

Can you chat with a Facebook representative?

Yes, you can actually chat with another human being or a Facebook representative to sort out your page, group or ad-related headache and I’ll show you how in a second.

How do you message Facebook about a problem?

Desktop (

Click in the top left. Click Report a Problem. Describe the problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue. Click Send.

How do I send a message to Facebook administration?

Log in to Facebook with your Facebook username and password. Navigate to the Facebook page in question. In the “Write Something” box, type in a short message and ask the administrator to contact you.

How do I communicate with Facebook?

If you want to contact Facebook, you’ll first need to log into your account. On the desktop site, look up at the top right corner of the screen. There, you’ll see a downward-facing arrow — click it and select “Help & support” from the dropdown menu.

How do I communicate with Facebook staff?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly contact Facebook – you can’t call, text, email, or otherwise speak to an employee or affiliate of Facebook. You can, however, use Facebook’s Help Center to diagnose and report a problem with your account. Review the options toolbar.

How can I send a message to Facebook Help Center?

You can use this link – Scroll down and click on the “Still Need Help” section. Go to where it says “Contact Our Support Team”. From there, you can click on the Chat button.

What is Facebook’s telephone number?

Many people would go online and search for “Facebook customer service.” We tried that, and got this number: 844-735-4595.

Does Facebook have a email?

Facebook is retiring its email service and has begun notifying users that all email sent to their address will soon be forwarded to their primary email address on file. Facebook users can turn off the forwarding feature, which is on by default.

What is Facebook’s official email?

Today, at a press conference announcing the social network’s new messaging service, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said is Facebook’s new corporate email domain. Previously, if you wanted to email a Facebook employee, you would reach them at a address.

How do I contact Facebook to restore my account?

To recover an old account:
  1. Go to the profile of the account you’d like to recover.
  2. Click below the cover photo.
  3. Select Find support or report profile.
  4. Choose Something Else, then click Next.
  5. Click Recover this account and follow the steps.

How can I recover my Facebook account without phone number and email 2021?

On the Ask your trusted contacts for help page (if you have added friends contacts before). Ask them to visit then they will get a code for you to enter in the boxes. This way you can get back to your account without a phone number or email address.

Does Facebook send account recovery codes?

Facebook Help Team

If you’re receiving a text message with a code of numbers, it could mean someone is trying to access your account. We send confirmation codes when someone has login approvals turned on. Login approvals are a security feature similar to login alerts, but with an extra security step.