How to create a neighborhood in hay day

How do you request neighbors stuff on hay day?

How do I change neighborhoods in hay day?

There are no ways to change neighborhood name in hay day game; you may consider changing your current neighborhood name only if: Your neighborhood name is currently revealing your full name which may further lead to a privacy risk in the game.

How do you find a good neighborhood on hay day?

Search for neighborhoods that are either chatty or quiet; play always the derby or only casually or even search for international Neighborhoods. When searching or creating a Neighborhood you can go to the advance options and add tags of your preference. Find the perfect match to play Hay Day with.

How can I contact Hayday?

Please contact our customer support via in-game or then email the team directly at: They’ll help!!

How do you attract foxes in hay day?

What happens when you ask for help in hay day?

If there is an order that you cannot complete, you can ask for help. Your friends can see your call for help and use their items to complete your order. Then, you send them a thank-you letter and they get the rewards.

Are there any cheats for hay day?

The fact is that there are no legitimate sources of Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything of the kind.

How do you find someone’s needs help on hay day?

There is a tab on the Friends bar which will show you all your friends and neighbors who need help. If someone needs help filling a neighborhood-only boat box, the flag will show only when you are a member of their neighborhood (although you can see the “needs help” icon at the boat dock regardless).

What items sell for the most on hay day?

Bread – This has the highest profit per hour at 180 coins/hour. Necklace – This has the highest profit per piece at 168 coins each. That’s just a couple of big ones but if you want to know more check out the hay day wikia page it gives all the max prices for products.

How do you get rich fast on hay day?

Hay Day“: 3 Tricks to Make Money (Fast)
  1. Use Tom to Run Your Errands. Tom is a little like an errand boy.
  2. Get Rare Items by Planting Wheat. Rare items are items used to expand or clear your land, upgrade buildings, and work in the mine.
  3. Take Advantage of Newspaper Ads.
  4. 10 Best Modern RPGs.

Can animals die on hay day?

In Hay Day no animals, or crops, ever die. Trees & bushes wither at some point so you need to cut them down (you can once ask for your friends to water them though) but even if you leave your farm unattended for a longer time, everything will be as it was when you left it.

Who is the highest level in hay day?

The maximum experience level is currently set at 800.

How many players does hay day have?

Hay Day, by game developer Supercell, draws 4 million players per day, 69% of them women.

Can dogs die in hay day?

Nothing ever dies on Hay Day, but why are the puppies nearly sick to death? PLEASE heal the puppies Hay Day. They are very sick.

What do you get at every level in hay day?

There are various awards depending on which level you get to, they range from diamonds, to corn, to TNT, to sheep, to raspberries, sugar, iron ore, cat, etc. There are literally hundreds of things you receive at every level. There are a few trends you should take note of when you level up in Hay Day.

How many levels are on Hayday?

Table of levels. The following is a table of ‘level-up’ pictures, rewards given or unlocked, and experience points needed for the first 175 levels that can be achieved in Hay Day.

How many reputation levels are there in hay day?

The following is a table of ‘level-up’ pictures, rewards given or unlocked, and reputation points needed for the first 75 levels that can be achieved in the town.

Why is HayDay so addicting?

In HayDay, the process in the game is all about how often and how much you play. But if you choose not to play, your strawberries won’t get rotten, like they did back in Farmville. Thus, you can play as much as you want and you won’t get punished if one day you decide to take a break.

What do the red hearts mean in hay day?

What does that mean? It’s their town reputation level. Hay Day level 204 (main farm) – I have seven others! It’s their town reputation level.

What are the hearts on HayDay?

The heart icon relates to your friend’s town “reputation”. The little number in the heart is the reputation level. It is the town equivalent of the blue “experience” level star that each of us has for our farm.

What is reputation in Hayday?

Reputation is the player’s level in the town. Much like experience drives the whole game forward, reputation drives the town area. When players have gained enough reputation points they change reputation levels, which lets them progress in the town. Reputation levels and the town are unlocked at level 34.

How do you get animals to sanctuary in hay day?

How to unlock the Sanctuary in Hay Day. To get to the Sanctuary, you need to actually get to level 34 on your farm and then repair the train station. Once the train station is repaired, you can access the town.