How the World Sees you summary?

Branding expert Sally Hogshead shows you how to learn who you are and how the world sees you. She helps you identify your specific, powerful “Fascination Advantages” – your most effective personality traits – and explains how best to present yourself to others based on those advantages.

How the World Sees you discover your highest value through the science of Fascination summary?

In this book Sally Hogshead is less interested in in what you do, what your strengths are, than in ‘who you are’ – your natural advantages that distinguish you from those around you. “When you live according to your highest district value, you become your most fascinating, and most valuable self”.

How do you fascinate a code?

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How you see the world matters much more than how the world sees you?

“It matters less how you see the world. It matters more how the world sees you. If you fail to understand what your audience truly values, then you can’t communicate yourself in a way that makes people want to build connection and loyalty.”